A Descriptive Study of the Practice of Music

I am indebted to the following music therapists for their participation in interviews, support and suggestions on this project: Raymond Ng, Ivory Chan, Andrea Chan, Joanna Chan and Yasmin Li. It is my great pleasure to know all of them. Last, but by no means least, I wish to thank my dear parents for the love and support they have given to me so freely throughout my life, for the musical opportunities that they made available to me as a child, and for teaching me to do my very best in everything I undertake. Definition of Music Therapy Historical Use of Healing in Music Recent Development of

Music Therapy in China 3512 CHAPTER II Music Therapy as a Professional Career Music Therapists working in Hong Kong Organizations Providing Music Therapy Service Main Population of Clients and Locations of Service Delivery Literature on Music Therapy Requirements of being a Music Therapist Certification/ Licensing 16 16 1821 23252729 CHAPTER Ill Establishing a Music Therapy Practice Goals of Music Therapy Selected Music Therapy Techniques Use of Music in a Music Therapy Session 30 32 35 38 CHAPTER Traditional Chinese Beliefs and Attitudes toward Disabilities Professional Status Local

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