A Gall Heart

There, a chilly bitterness, rancorous gall about the block of ice that sat in the center of the room. The sheer thought of a block of ice uttered something to me, a peculiar idealism that seemed to linger around in my gut.

Potent feelings stormed me as I begin to ruminate on the complete insanity of the predicament I have found myself to be in. I reflect on why it is that I am stuck in a room with ice. Ice that is getting closer to liquidation every second and stuck in a room on the fifth floor of a ten story building also seemed weird. I became uncertain of why and gradually quit thinking about it. I walked towards the block if ice and put my right hand center-top of the block of ice; I quickly dozed off into a day dream.

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It is now 1976, I am married to a domineering and sly woman whose beauty is stunning, and demeanor is much like an innocent girl. Perfect qualities of a glorified wife of Johnathan C which is the CEO and founder of the new company Home Decor Depot that is spread all over the country within a year… She is beautiful in burgundy and dark shades of what society calls beautiful and bright. She is quick to follow up with other men, having affairs from left to right. She created a box of secrets and a tail of lies too harsh to bring up. From being selfish and arrogant to posing as an innocent woman she didn’t get away with the affairs for long. There was a party and she had just met the new fresh out of college CEO of Fashions Prada for Homes, the leading competitor for her husband’s company.

They swiftly become friends and she makes her moves with her grasping body and taunts yet another man to be seduced. That was only the first mistake; she takes him home, thinking her husband will not be there for a couple more hours. John was actually already on his way home when he notices that his wife is home earlier than he would suspect. He quietly enters the house, not suspicious of anything, heading up to his room only to hear light rhythmic noises with subtle moans. To him he thought another one of those chick flicks and so enters the room humbled.

Stunned! He quickly rushes to the young CEO and pushes him up towards the wall ready to beat him into a pulp when he realizes that he is young enough to be his son. He calmly puts the boy down and almost suddenly turns around, looking at his wife who was half dressed. As he looks he abruptly snatches her closer by the braw but right when he reaches towards her… All of the sudden I wake up with a reaction as if I was still in a dream, snatching nothing but pure ice cold water that had melted from my hand resting on the center top block of ice. I ponder for a second the odds of me snatching ice cold water, virtually the block of ice, when waking up right before grabbing a woman who has a heart of gall. Then, almost taking shape of a heart was the ice from where my hand once rested.

I noticed ideally as it begins to strike me a thousand fold. An illusion of some sort…