A Sincere Letter to School

Dear School, Thank you for making sure I always have something to do. And I mean always. From 6pm to 2am, you always seem to make sure I am busy either doing homework or stressing about the homework I didn’t do.

I aspire to be as consistent as you. Thank you for always keeping me on my toes when it comes to the temperature. I truly love the feeling of going through 5 different climates in the span of 5 hours. Since I have not had the experience of traveling, due to all of the homework you supply me with, this is the second closest thing. All I had to do was go from history class to math class. Who knew it was possible to get frostbite and have a heat stroke in one hour? Thank you for all the exercise you provide me with.

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A few more months of constantly walking up and down stairs and I should be in well enough in shape to run a marathon. You seem to make sure I always get my exercise in. Without you I would probably be a hippo. Thank you for looking out for me, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for introducing me to such amazing people. Everyone is always so kind, nurturing, positive, and especially mature.

I love how you seem to pair me up with the best and most unique kids in school! I have really grown as a person after meeting such well-behaved and discipline kids. Once they were so caring that they let me do the entire project by myself so I could improve my leadership and better my understanding of cells! It’s so heartwarming to see people sacrificing their knowledge in order for me to get a better education on a topic! Thank you for teaching me how to survive 3 days with only 6 hours of sleep. It is a very useful skill and it’ll definitely end up on my resume. I’ve gotten so good at it that it is at a point where I don’t even think I need sleep anymore! I can live solely from the energy I get from stress and my motivation to keep my grade above a B. I am so excited to use this skill in my future! Thank you for making sure I learn all the useful skills I need to.

And I mean all. If I ever come across an arc and I need to find the area of it, I got that down in a jiffy. I admire how you prioritize the skills we need to learn. Finding all the possible varieties of a potential offspring of a hybrid flower is so much more useful and beneficial than learning to pay taxes. Every day I come home knowing I learned something that I have a 7% chance of ever using again. And finally, thank you for all the wonderful memories you have supplied me with.

From falling down the stairs to watching a kid puke a foot away from me. You have truly helped me experience more things than I have ever hoped to. I am so excited to make many more experiences. You have given me so much in the past 9 years such as: black-eyes from kickball and sickness from the school lunch and the constant feeling of stress and the very useful talent of studying for my biology exam while sleeping and the ability to read a textbook about history while writing a column for English class at the same time and the ability to make me truly appreciate a full night of sleep. Sincerely, A Fellow Freshman