Abolish the SAT

How would you feel if you weren’t able to get into the college you want because you didn’t do good on the SAT but you had a 98 average? The SAT can prevent one of us from going to the college we want. Colleges should use other criteria besides SAT scores. Many colleges require a SAT score for admission. They say that students that go to bad high schools should do fine without the SAT.

Experts say that rich kids have a better advantage on the SAT. They have a better advantage because they have the money to pay for tutors to teach them how to take the SAT. Because of this, ivy league colleges want to increase their enrollment with inner city students. On the day of the SAT, they sit there for four hours with a pen and a bubble sheet. That’s boring. Standardized tests are tools rather than ends in themselves.

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They would much rather interact with other students and get engaged in the topic they are studying. Studies show that the human brain is so complex that only testing won’t be able to let the person use it. Studies also show that SAT submitters and non submitters usually have the same grade point average and graduation rates. Colleges need to catch up on the new information to help kids with the SAT. The SAT is proven to cause teens stress. There are about 850 test-optional colleges in America.

That means you don’t have to submit your SAT scores and it can cause less stress amongst teens. Why cause stress and make kids take the SAT? studies show that only by .05 gpa is separated by test submitters and non test submitters. Grades should matter and not the SAT because there is less stress during the school day but there is a lot of stress while taking the SAT which could be the deciding factor if you’re going to college you want to. Student’s shouldn’t be forced to to take the SAT. Over two million students take the SAT every year.

There are so many kids that are forced to take the SAT because they need the SAT to get into college. Colleges believe that the SAT is the greater leveler that gets all students on an equal playing field is a misconception. Colleges also think that your grade point average is a much better standard indicator then the SAT. Also those who are already advantaged in education are given another leg up in college admissions.As SAT scores may still provide a limited scope of student’s ability across different schools grade calculations, they should not be banished across the board. Colleges should also include sports and clubs that the student is in, like if their in class council.

Most colleges focus primary on grades and SAT scores. They should not just look at those. Colleges favorite the rich kids and they should include inner city schools that have smart kids but are not able to pay tuition. Colleges should give them scholarships to them to help them out. SAT shows colleges how a student may pan out in the first year of college.

The SAT let’s a student prove how good he can do despite bad grades. But the bad thing is, is that colleges look at SAT scores and grades but mostly SAT scores. The SAT is proven that it causes stress among teens. The SAT plays a big role in the entrance of college. Too often people define their intellectual abilities with their SAT score. The SAT should be abolished.

It doesn’t show colleges what a student can do in the classroom. It only shows what they can do in math or english. It’s just them in a room for four hours with a pen and a bubble sheet. Not all people have the advantage to do well on it so they should get rid of it.