Acquire or Develop Talent

Acquire or Develop Talent I would strongly recommend that Tangoed focuses on developing talent rather than acquiring it.

It seems that this company would do best if they hired internally because they say that all of the new employees that they hire, even those with college degrees, are required to spend time working in the store as an associate. They do this in order to preserve the company’s unique culture and values which are two very important factors for this company.

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On the other hand, Tangoed should always ark on adapting to whichever situation they are facing. For example, if they lose too many employees from one year to the next then they should adapt and acquire talent from outside the company as well. This could be useful and often the only solution to the staffing Issues they may be facing.

2. Hire Yourself or Outsource Since Tangoed does already have an existing Human Resources function then It would be best for them to hire their own employees.

They have the Staffing Services Director who Is the supervisor for the managers In the areas of retention, recruiting, and selection. This individual from the corporate Staffing Services function has the potential to oversee that the managers are doing their best when recruiting and hiring new employees. 3.

External or Internal Hiring While I do believe that Tangoed should focus on internally hiring I think that this should be done in order to fill in Job vacancies and offer promotions to current employees.

This will serve as a great motivating factor for all employees of the company because they will see that if they perform at their best they have the opportunity to be promoted. As far as new Jobs or lower level positions the best thing loud be to externally search for employees. This would work because they will require less trailing since the positions are lower In the company and the Job qualifications will be easy to fulfill. Now If Tangoed has had a drastic decrease In employees from one year to the next then they should adapt properly to the situation by hiring externally.


Core or Flexible Workforce I understand that Tangoed has used solely a core workforce in the past but this should change. Having a flexible workforce can benefit the store as a whole in the long run because they can hire seasonal or temporary employees when they need hem the most. This should be done strictly during the holidays and only for lower division Jobs such as store associates. The reason I believe utilizing a mixture of a core and flexible workforce will have a positive effect on the company is because they will have the advantage of getting the help they need for those times of the year.

The holiday seasons can be hectic and hard to handle especially for a retail store such as Tangoed and what better way to do so than to Increase the number of store associates during this time.

5. Hire or Retain Tangoed should always seek to improve their retention strategies. This is turnover and avoid the high costs of recruiting, hiring and training new employees to fill in the Job vacancies. This can be avoided if the company spends more time developing ways to retain current employees and keep them satisfied with their positions within the company.

One way that Tangoed can retain employees by hiring internally so that they can see the opportunities for advancement and growth within the company. If an employee sees that he or she can get a promotion, this will motivate them to not only stay with the company longer but also to provide excellent service in their position.

. National or Global Tangoed should lean towards engaging in overseas outsourcing Just as many US organizations are currently doing. Some of the reasons they should do this is because many nations have lowered their trading and immigration barriers.

By outsourcing and offspring Tangoed has the advantage of providing cheaper manufactured goods and services than they do by staying within the country. 7.

Attract or Relocate Tangoed has the advantage of being a retail store which allows it to have a broad amount of employment opportunities in many different fields. It would be convenient or this company to attract potential employees rather than to relocate. They can do this by making the work atmosphere appear pleasant and appealing for future potential employees. 8.

Overstaffed or Understand Tangoed should focus on always being fully staffed or overstaffed if possible.

The reason this is a good decision for the organization is because it allows them to have the advantage of having more employees to help provide more input for the store. This can also help the organization in case an employee quits their Job or is placed on maternity leave or other health concerns arise. By being overstaffed, Tangoed ill have the advantage of always having someone there when someone leaves suddenly and not have to go through the process of hiring someone so fast to fill in a position. . Short or Long-Term Focus There should always be a combination of both short and long-term focus when it comes to organizations staffing needs. The reason for this is because in the short term they must always seek to adapt to employee shortages by having strategic ways of hiring people.

They should also focus on the long term needs because this is where the manager’s roles will come into place. They need to focus on providing roper training and development for current positions that they know may be promoted to higher ones in the future.

Foreseeing this pattern and planning accordingly should always be a top priority for any organization. Staffing Quality 1. Person/Job or Person/Organization Match I think Tangoed would be best suited to follow a Person/Job Match because they have so many different types of levels and employments within the organization. They should focus on whether or not the person is qualified to do the Job especially when it comes down to management Jobs if they are thinking about hiring externally.

If it comes down to simple entry-level Jobs such as store associates then they could consider a Person/Organization Match instead. 2. Specific or General Soaks If they are dealing with entry-level Jobs, Tangoed should focus more on general Soaks because these can be a wide applied across a variety of Jobs. When it comes the specific Job tasks that need to accomplish and what specific skills will be needed to accomplish them. 3. Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality Tangoed should focus on acquiring more of an acceptable workforce quality.

This ill not only be less expensive but will also be the one that applies the best to a retail store. The fact that the organization is not one where you need to develop new ideas or superior products makes it k to select an acceptable workforce quality. 4. Active or Passive Diversity Following an active diversity in the labor market would be the wisest choice for an organization like Tangoed. The reason for this is due to the high variety of customers that they have. This will allow them to be more involved with knowing all the different diverse needs of the customers that it serves.

Case 2: Planning Table 1. Markova Analysis Information Transition probability matrix Current year EXit Previous year (1) Store associate 0. 53 0. 06 0. 00 0. 41 (2) Shift leader 0.

50 0. 16 0. 34 (3) Department manager 0. 58 0. 12 0.

30 (4) Assistant store manager 0. 46 0. 08 0. 40 (5) Store manager 0. 66 Forecast of availabilities Next year (projected) Current Workforce 8,500 4505 510 3485 1 ,200 192 850 493 102 255 150 69 12 33 17 Year end total (column sum) 1110 694 171 45 External hires needed (current workforce-total) 3995 156 -21 5 1.

The Planning Process a. Forecast Table Requirements b. Forecast of Labor Availabilities . Environmental Scan One factor that can suggest that Tangoed may have difficulty in filling in their vacancies in the future would be the fact that retail is seen as a somewhat undesirable market for the majority of recent college graduates. These recent college graduates often see a Job in retailing as requiring not only low pay and long hours, but also a Job in which they will have to deal with ongoing conflict with their lower level employees. D.

Gap Analysis For the next year we will need to hire 3995 Store associates, 90 shift leaders, 156 Department Managers and 5 Store Managers. We will not need to hire any Assistant Store Managers since we are over staffed in that department by 21 employees. E. Preliminary Statement We will need to hire 4225 employees overall for Tangoed. In order to do so we will need internally promote those in upper level management divisions in order to avoid externally for the remaining positions within the company most of which should be at the lower level such as Store Associates. .

Table 1. 3 Table 1. 3 Comparing Incumbency to Availability and Annual Placement Goals Female Incumbency Female Availability Incumbency percent? Establish goal? If Yes, Goal for Females Minority Minority Availability If Yes, Goal for Minorities Store associates 41 53. 1% 78. 3% Set goal 53.

1 5. 2% 7. 9% 65. 8% No goal 6. 7% Shift leaders 37.

0% 45. 0% 82. 0% 6. 8% 70. 6% Department manager 24. 3% 33.

9% 71 5. 0% 90. 9% There appears to not be enough female Store Associates within Tangoed in comparison to the amount of females available in that department workforce.

The female incumbency for Store Associates is 41. 6% when the availability is 53.

1%. We will need to establish a goal to hire as many women Store Associates as are available which would be a goal of 53. 1%. There is also less female Department Managers within Tangoed. We will need to hire enough to meet our goal of 33. 9% Female Department Managers since that is how many are available to be hired in that department’s workforce.

When it comes to Shift Leaders there is not enough Minorities being hired by Tangoed. We will need to meet the goal of hiring 6. % minorities in the Shift Leaders department in order to fulfill the amount of minorities that are available within that workforce department. 3. Pros and cons of Internal Promotions vs.

. External Hiring I do believe that the company should engage in a specific strategy to change their recruiting and promotion practices. I think that Tangelo’s best option would be to recruit new employees for entry level positions such as Store Associates because these are easier to fill and the ones that they will need to fill the most of.

As far as promoting goes, they should promote internally and move up people from middle level positions to higher ones in management. Doing this can be less expensive as they will require a lot less training than would someone who is hired externally for a top level management position.

I do think that it is realistic for them to try to meet their affirmative action goals in a single year because the difference in how many females and minorities need to be hired when compared to how many are available isn’t exactly a high number that cannot be achieved.

One of the pros of using internal promotions is that this allows the company to spend less time and money when training the employees for the new position. Another pro of using internal promotions would be the fact that this will act as motivation force for all employees thin the organization. If employees know that they have an opportunity to be promoted within the organization then they will try harder and do better in their current position. One of the cons of using internal promotions vs..

External hiring is that when you promote internally you will not always have the qualified pool of applicants for that specific upper level Job you are attempting to fill. By hiring externally you can recruit individuals that are qualified and fit the Job characteristics and skills needed for that position. When it comes down to the problems with gender ND ethnicity representation in the supervisory positions of the company hiring internally can be an issue because you will not have a large pool of applicants.

This in turn will result in not having a various amount of females and minorities being hired for those top level positions. 4.

Memo organizational objectives by proceeding based on the amount of targets for the organization which you will need to obtain for your area. As an individual store of this organization you must adapt to your surroundings depending on things such as geographic location and amount of minorities or women that you may be lacking.