Addiction to Phone

I love my phone because it is part of my life and I can’t live without it or else I feel that I am not complete if I don’t have it.Some people are addicted to their phone because they have their social media on their phone, text and talk on the phone all night, and have their phone on their bed.

How students use social media on their phone is by downloading and using Facebook, instagram, kik, Twitter,snapchat,etc. The positive about those apps are that they can talk to their family members in mexico,etc., chat with friends, and meet new friends online or discover new people that you haven’t meet like family member and also to keep in touch with friends that you have meet from along time ago.

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Furthermore, students use social media on their phone by using it in a negative way. The negative examples or ways that its a negative way is bullying online and writing posts that can hurt people and that will make someone feel bad,which in other words it can cause you so much trouble and consequences. For example, it can also hurt your self-esteem and mess with your ability. Some students that are being bullied online and don’t want to tell an adult and want to commit suicide.In addition, it’s very bad for students to text and talk all night because they don’t get enough sleep.

There is an article that is relevant on teengagers not getting enough sleep.The article “Who needs Sleep” by Kirsten Weir explains how sleep is important. For example, the author Weir, “I tend to be tired in the morning and toward the end of the day I wake up”. This means that teengagers that don’t get enough sleep and is up all day, can end up being tired and if they are at school, they are gonna want to be sleeping in class. Having your phone on the bed near you isn’t a good thing because it can cause you headaches and dizziness.

The light of the device can also cause you these pains. For example, I have experienced this once and the next day I had to go to school, what ended up happening to me was that I had headaches and didn’t feel good the next day. Once, you do something that you didn’t want to expect like staying up all night then, don’t do these mistakes because its not worth it.