Indian School of Business Management & Administration

AEREN FOUNDATION REG. NO. F/11724 INDIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION MARKS: 80 COURSE: MBA 3rd sem SUB: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT N. B. : 1)Answer any Eight 1. Define strategic intent, vision and mission. Write major components of a mission statement. How do you define corporate objectives? Distinguish between purpose, mission, long-term objectives and goals. 2. Discuss the roles of the following in corporate governance. a)Top management b)Audit Committees )Statutory Auditors What are the recent trends in corporate governance? 3. The organizational resources and behavior exercise a significant influence on the environment of an organization. Illustrate how strengths and weaknesses create synergistic effects. 4. Define strategic management and bring out the main elements of strategic management. Explain with appropriate diagram the strategic management model and its major components. 5. Discuss the global challenge facing Indian firms.

Explain important techniques for environmental analysis. 6. What are generic Strategies? Discuss the reasons for adopting stability and expansion strategies. 7. What do you understand by industry environment? Discuss main components of industry environment. 8. Discuss the nature and significance of strategic evaluation. Bring out the role different participants play in strategic evaluation. Discuss different types of obstacles faced in strategic evaluation.

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Explain premise control and strategic surveillance. 9. What role an organizational structure plays in the implementation of strategy of a firm. Explain the interrelationship of strategy and structure. Distinguish between vertical and horizontal differentiation. 10. Explain Cost leadership strategy, its strategic choices, and advantages and disadvantages of cost leadership. Define Differentiation Strategy. Discuss is advantages and disadvantages.