All around Educator

Never, up until the ninth grade have I been under the command of such a well rounded individual. An individual willing to take a leadership role over the students of a school after previously being the Director of Athletics, and I nominate that individual, Anthony Pullella to be the educator of the year because he sets a good example for all the cadets through his reputation and behavior day in and day out as well as supporting the cadets through activities. One of the reasons I would like to nominate the Commandant for the educator of the year award is because of how he relates to the students. Sometimes, he stands outside in the hall, and he will greet the students by name, give them a handshake and give them a pat on the back.

He has also sat down with me during lunch and talked to me about running track for the school. Most principals wouldn’t care if you ran for them or not, but our Commandant cares about how our athletic teams are doing and how the cadets are doing. Also, I as well as most of the cadets at our school, respect our commandant. He does not act like he doesn’t need to be here or he is doing us a favor by being our commandant. He still makes sure we know our role in the school, but he has swept the floor after lunch, cleaned up behind the cadets, and he will pick up trash if he sees it instead of leaving it for the janitor or telling another cadet to pick it up. He tries to make us feel as comfortable here ask he can and does not find the services at our school inadequate.

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One day he was found in our weight room working out. A clear sign that he doesn’t feel that he has to leave the premises in his leisure time. Finally, his presence at football games lets us know that he cares and out of all the places he could be in his off time he chose to attend and be the announcer at all of our home games and most of the away games. As the leader of a military academy, you should have been in the military, well the commandant is an Marine and shows that he is well educated in his public speaking. His attention to academics is supurb as less than 10% of the school doesn’t pass their courses. A possible cause for this is that the students will strive to do better if they are rewarded.

And our commandant has rewarded us with spirit day, and days off as a result of our school striving to do better academically. Finally, seeing him at athletics games reminds us that he cares and he is interested in our sports. Simply, he’s a well rounded person. In conclusion, I would like to restate what I said before: the commandant sets a good example for all the cadets through his reputation and behavior day in and day out as well as supporting the cadets through activities, that is why I would recommend Anthony Pullella, the commandant of The Delaware Military Academy for the educator of the Year Award.