Amazing Qualities of the SAT

SAT’s are inexpensive, easy to do and an overall an amazing test.

Chapter 1: Amazing Qualites of the SAT Amazing Qualities about the SAT The SAT is the most outstanding standardized test I have ever taken. It is perfectly designed by giving a reading, writing, and two math sections to test the student’s academic ability for college applications. Every time I have taken this test I always come out feeling like I got a perfect score. I mean who doesn’t love waking up at seven in the morning on a Saturday and sit in a classroom for four hours? I know I do. Let me start off with how inexpensive the test is.

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The test is starting at only forty-six dollars, but with the essay it’s another fourteen dollars. Just make sure you confirm if the college you are applying to requires an essay or not. If you do notice you need to take the test, but missed the deadline for registration, college board still lets you take it. Just don’t forget to pay another thirty dollars for a late registration fee. All these fees for testing options construct together for an easy-to-sign-up and inexpensive experience.

Overall the SAT is just something that every student can afford. Let’s not forget how exciting and exhilarating taking the test is. Testing normally starts at eight and every student always appreciates enduring a test so early in the morning. However, college board is generous enough to give us a ten minute break between the first and second test and a two minute break between the other two tests. How dare they think we need a break in between test subjects! My favorite part is that they give us thirty-five minutes to answer only forty-four questions.

I don’t know about you, but I can totally do that in half the time. The SAT is a more reasonable way of reflecting a student’s performance. Obviously a student’s grades do not mean anything about how they perform in school. Extracurricular activities and involvement in clubs does not show anything about who a student is and what their strengths are. Answering multiple choice questions about reading and math is more important than real life assessments. Doing well on the SAT is something I know I need to do in order to set myself up for success in the real world.

In the end, all that really matters is getting a terrific score on the SAT. That score determines who you are as a student and if you are qualified of being a scholar. Receiving a poor score on the SAT means you will never get into college and your future is living in your parents basement. The SAT, in my opinion however, is something I will always stand for. It is a perfect representation of who I am academically and is stress free for all students.