Amazon Case Study: History, Planning and Main Questions

For many years, Amazon has been one of the most visited online shops in the world and keeps its positions constantly.

It is interesting for many people to explore how this company has become successful and how it manages to maintain its status among other similar corporations.If you were assigned to write a case study on its business, a lot of information could be found on the Internet and other sources. A lot of research on this subject has already been done; it can also be used to write your essay work.

Successful Branding

The history of the corporation makes it clear that it is important not only to choose the appropriate marketing technologies but also to choose the right name. Many managers gave names that begin with the first letter of the alphabet to their companies, and Amazon is no exception. This allows you to take the highest places in the lists that are sorted alphabetically, without too much effort.

Of course, this is only one of many reasons for the success.The river with a similar name is known to all the inhabitants of the country; it is an understandable and significant symbol for many. The company’s late logo shows an arrow that leads from letter A to letter Z. This is an important detail because it shows that its website literally delivers all the goods from A to Z.

Product Planning

If you need to write an Amazon business case study, you should also mention the product planning in this corporation. Even in the early stages, managers realized that Internet commerce would grow soon and could bring huge profits to its owners.

They managed to explore this area better and take its steps. As a result, they got a huge share of this market.The company also pays a lot of time to research the market for understanding how to plan its activities and how to remain a leader. To do this, many different tools are used, which can also be a topic for the Amazon business model case study.It is interesting that a lot of sites tried to become successful on the wave of Internet development, but not all of them got revenues at all.

The topic for the case study may also be “What differed Amazon from similar companies and what methods were used.”

Membership and Partnership

To get even more loyal customers, a membership program was opened. Members of the club make small pays on a monthly basis, and then they get discounts and can use faster delivery. Such methods allow the company to keep customers who are using its services loyal.The Corporation also signed contracts with Sears Canada, Borders bookstores, and other companies.

A successful partnership is also important for promoting the market and is beneficial for all parties.

Attention to Consumers

Throughout its history, Amazon pays due attention to its customers. To do this is uses the following tools:

  • Feedback from customers, a support center with quick solutions for issues;
  • Researching the wishes of customers and what they are really interested in;
  • Mailings with additional offers from the website, which may interest specific consumers;
  • Separate sites for many countries, that their inhabitants can easily solve issues in their own language;
  • Taking into account the interests of its customers when developing products;
  • Convenience and quality of products, so that customers advise products to their friends and remain loyal;
  • Pricing policy with discounts and special offers.

It is also necessary to take into account a large number of commercial services, which Amazon offers now. When the website was just starting up, it had quite a few products. Over time, it was able to increase coverage and profit through a variety of activities.

Where to Get Information for Amazon Web Services Case Study?

You need to consider what will be the main theme of the essay, what questions it asks and what answers will be given to them. Then you should plan the size of your essay, what points will be there and what is planned to be described there. Then it will be much easier to determine which information about the corporation is needed and how to get it. Do not forget to write down all the sources from which you get data for a case study.Information on Amazon can be found in the following sources:

  • Paper and electronic books;
  • The site of the company;
  • Other marketing sites;
  • Research of marketers and other specialists;
  • Reports of Amazon representatives

The goal of the author is not only to describe the company but also to analyze the collected information.

The following data can help here:

  • History of Amazon’s activities;
  • Company reports for certain periods;
  • Analytical articles that mention Amazon.

It is necessary to pay attention not only to successful years but also to the controversial moments of Amazon’s history, legal proceedings, and other difficulties. It is important to understand how the company managed to pass them and use it to its advantage.

The Main Questions You Can Answer in Your Case Study

To date, Amazon covers many areas of activity, provides many services in different countries. It is difficult to cover all these areas in a small essay, so you should highlight a few Amazon case studies questions that require answers.

Think about what is interesting for you to explore and what is interesting to the rest for the students to listen. Here are some examples:

  • How did Amazon deal with competition in the early stages of activity and how the company does it now;
  • What actions helped the Amazon company in the early stages and what else could be done;
  • How the objectives of the Corporation changed as it expanded;
  • Why the company started to work on the services that it provides now;
  • What are the future prospects for different services of the company.