What Does A Flag Represent?

We place our hand over our heart, remove our hats, and turn to face the American flag. Everyone is silent showing respect to a flag that embodies the characteristics of an amazing country. This flag preaches what our great country is about and who we are without actually saying a word.

The flag symbolizes hope. In 1777, during the Revolutionary War, the flag stood on the battlefields. Soldiers with weathered clothing, shivered in fear and yet, exhausted, they pushed on. The beautiful, rippling American flag was the only sight not corrupted by enemies, death, or distrust. Instead, the United States flag embodied hope as long as it stood tall.The flag symbolizes unity.

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By 1865, the end of the Civil War was near and the Union and Confederacy became one under the flag. Our sisters and brothers of neighboring states stopped fighting against each other, but began fighting for each other. The two separate flags of the South and the North became one flag where the United States was united.The flag symbolizes of tradition and possibility. Officially recognized by Congress in 1942, the Pledge of Allegiance became an every morning, school children, young adults, and staff honor the flag and state the Pledge of Allegiance.

Those immigrating into the United States see the flag as a new beginning offering opportunity, success and liberty. The flag gives them comfort. Honoring our flag every morning is a tradition and living the American dream is always a possibility.Today, we honor our flag on June 14 of every year. 238 years ago, Betsy Ross created an object to represent the United States and its glory– the American flag. Our flag represents hope, unity, tradition, and endless possibility.

We are hopeful and confident we will stand tall. We are united in our actions. We will continue to share the possibilities and traditions in our country.