An angry letter to Writer's Block

Dear Writers Block, Just a little note to say how much I hate you.

It is not very nice of you to come to me so very often, especially when I make it clear that you are not invited. I think it is exceptionally rude for you to just invite yourself in and stay for as long as you want. I try to get rid of you, but you just keep returning. Why can’t you just go away? I know you think you are helping me, but really you are just a pain. So maybe lay off for a while? Especially when I have about 5 deadlines coming up.

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That is when you like to come the most of all. You say, ‘hey this seems like a good time to appear’ and ruin all my wonderful stories. How many unfinished stories do I have because of you? Dozens, maybe more. So if you could just do everybody a favor and go away forever, that would be lovely. Sincerely, All the writers in the world