As a team, complete the table below examining the case studies in Watersheds 4. Each team member should identify at least two possible case studies to work on and write the Justification for using each. Then, as a team, choose your top two case studies to use for the Learning Team project. Submit this form to your instructor, who will tell your group which case study it will be using. Add additional rows for team members if needed. Team Member Case Study Justification A:

Lenience Thornton Exxon Valued I was very young when this happened but it is still effecting us today and It was swept under the rug but spills are still happening and we need to look back at this to find ways to stop future spills A: Global Warming This is a topic that Is relevant today and we need to find ways to save our planet or change how we help It B: Alex Managing Everything we do In life can affect how the environment around us, and although It Is not a quick turnaround of global warming It will affect the younger generations.

Going green” has become a big deal In stores to recycle and carpooling, but spreading the word and having people become more aware do to little changes In their dally habit can make a big difference. B: Resistance to Antibiotics When someone has whooping cough, sinus Infection or bronchitis, It Is very common that antibiotics are prescribed to cure this Infection, but It seems as If people can’t decipher the common cold or sore throat and exaggerate a cold then the doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotics Just to be on the safe side.

This Is a common mistake bacterial Inside of them that would be easily treatable before. C: Irene Paton While looking at the options that we had this case study defiantly stood out to me because It still Is affecting us today and we need to look at the mistakes that were been made. C: Irene Patina GUM This topic is an interesting topic because this involves the food that we consume and it is important to know what is going on and how it is being done and the consequences of it.


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