Are My Values My own?

As I sit here outside in utter solitude, I am able to assess my life for what it truly is. Are my values, my morals, and my goals what I thought they were? My frigid surroundings engulf my mind, offering a different, but helpful perspective on the way I conduct myself.

At least I thought I conduct myself. The blank stare of nature makes me wonder who controls my life. As time progresses I realize that I am not the sole entity that has molded me into who I am today. My very mindset has been intrusively morphed by the pollutants of the outside world. They descend upon me, attempting to move me like a puppeteer.

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I have been mutated like a spawn in a lab. My thoughts and my actions are not what they should be. My dreams and my ethics are a lie. I am told what to believe and told that my beliefs are my own. I now know better.

I understand that this artificial environment has been dictating my every decision. Would I be the same person if society suddenly collapsed? The answer is no. Why would it matter what I scored on the last test, what I score on the next test, or even what college I go to? With the pressures of others lifted off my shoulder these implanted stresses along with many others would completely disappear. If the burden of society was removed from my being I would live the life I want to live. My values would be my own. The toxic opinion of others could never influence my everyday life.

I would conduct myself in the best manner possible. And the greatest thing is that I would decide what the word best means. I would finally learn what my true ambitions and desires are. It puzzles me though. Why have I let this happen? It’s clear that the benefits of removing me from others are enormous. If so, then what is keeping me from snapping the chains of conformity? It takes the strongest of people to ostracize themselves from the only things they know.

Society isn’t going to spontaneously topple anytime soon. We must take the initiative and take the first step towards discovering ourselves with our own eyes. We are the rightful owners of our own lives and well being.