Are You in it Alone?

Are you a courageous fighter or someone who supports the rest of the crowd? When I was young I hated being treated like a baby. I thought I could be that courageous fighter and fight my own fights; I always wanted to do everything by myself. I thought I could be independent at a young age but now I don’t think that. Now I learned that being alone is not always great; there are times where having someone with you is great. Even though you might argue and bicker in a group, being in a group is better when trying to change something because it is more likely to happen if a number of people want the change as well, you get input on new ideas on how to make the change, and you have more support from people.

First of all, being in a group is better because it is likely to change if a number of people want the change. In history, there were many changes that happened. During the Civil Rights movement, many blacks and some whites wanted to change the “separate but equal” ruling from Dred Scott v. Sanford case. Many blacks fought on their own, like Scott, but did not get much of a change. When Martin Luther King Jr.

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started to make a change many people reached out to him and his way of tolerance. This means that Martin Luther King Jr. did not fight alone he was surround by people who shared his “dream” for a change. When he marched he was not walking the down the streets alone, he was surrounded by a large crowd help him fight. This shows that the Civil Rights Movement might not have happened the same way if Martin Luther King Jr.

and his group of people had not joined together to make a change. Being in a group made it easier to show that they were not going to back down no matter what until their “dream” came true. Secondly, in a group you take less time to do the work. In a group, the work is divided among members. In science class we were working on a light lab and we had to work in groups of 4.

My group decide one person would be the recorder, another the director who reads the direction, another the machine operator who worked the machine we used, and the last person was the person who poured the liquids from beakers A,B,C,D into the tube. We all worked together and finished before the class finished. We even finished before some of the other of the groups. We divided the work evenly between us and finished in time. This shows that if you work alone all the work that has to be done, has to be done by only you but in a group you can divide the work.

Lastly, being in a group is better because you have more support. Trying to make a change cost money and needs awareness. When candidates run for office they are trying to change the party in office and they spend more than about $10,000 dollars in campaigns. The money used is not from their own pockets it is funded by the fundraisers held where supports give their donations or contribute in some way. This shows that without the support of voters and their parties many of the candidates would not be able to run or campaign for office. This also shows that the party helped spread the news of the candidate’s position in the race.

Many people would not know who the candidates are if not for the support of the candidate’s party and its advertisement. Since making a change cost money it is easier to depend on others than it is to depend on what you earn. Also, there are people who would much rather work alone in trying to make a change they believe working in a group is difficult because there could be bickering, arguing, and disagreement. Not everyone thinks the same; our brains and mind work differently than the brains and minds of others. Since our brains and mind work differently than the brains and minds of others we might get into disagreements on how to approach a situation. Even if being in a group is difficult because there could be bickering, arguing, and disagreement, it is helpful because you get to see the situation in a different point of view.

If you stick to your point of view you might not get anything done since our brains and mind work differently than the brains and minds of others. Another reason some people think it is better to work alone in trying to make a change is because they think you will be able to concentrate more. They think that in a group you will get distracted sometimes because you are working with other people who might want to talk. When you are talking you might get off track sometimes. Even if you will be able to concentrate more when working alone, working in a group will give you a break. Since the work is divided you do not have to concentrate as hard since you do not have to do a lot of work.

If you are alone you will only concentrate on what you think is the main priority but in a group you see other peoples’ point of view. When trying to change something, you can choose to fight it alone or with a group. Fighting it alone has its benefits but when you are in a group you are with people who share your goal but have a different view on how to approach the change. If you want to get something done it is better to have it done in a group where you can share the credit and fun. In a group when the change is accomplish it will be more memorable with your group instead of accomplishing it alone. There are times were you might not be able to stand alone anymore so you will need someone help you continue standing.

If you are in class and you get the chance to work with friends which will you choose? What if you had to change something? Will you change it alone or will you be in a group?