A’s and B’s

Before this quarter, I have managed to get all A’s throughout my 8th grade year, now, I have a B and a C in two of my classes.

All of my teachers are cramming these important tests into the last few weeks of school. My mom, who is a teacher, understands this and says it is very stressful for teachers the last week of the quarter especially before spring break. Personally, I believe that these last minute tesets and projects put a lot of stress on students. Especially if you are like me and check your grades only to find out half of your teachers haven’t put grades in and this is making your grade decrease rapidly. Some of my teachers even put things on the test that we were not told to study, which makes thing a whole lot worse. In conclusion, I believe that teachers shouldn’t try cramming tests and projects late in the quarter.

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Why not save the big lessons for next quarter?