Bad Ad

In this add Dee Ostrander, an up-and-coming amateur skateboarder, does a backslide flip down the Hollywood High School 16 staircase. In the top of the ad, near the red border, is text that reads “F$%k with Baker” as well as more text on the border saying “Turn the page for wack S#&t.” Along with the multiple curse words used, the ad has in the bottom right hand corner, a Baker Skateboards logo. Along with this it also states in the bottom left hand corner “AM video coming soon!!!?”. The tools of persuasion used in this advertisement are association, experts, name calling, and timing.

This ad used association when they associated purchasing a Baker skateboard with becoming better at skateboarding. This is not a proven fact, and the only true way to get better is to skate. Therefore, this ad is literally lying to the readers. Also, it uses association with the usual skateboarder to try to get people to purchase products by making baker look unique and stand out from the crowd. However, this brand maybe be unique and cool, but it won’t make you stand out. This ad uses experts by having one, Dee Ostrander, skateboarding.

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This will get attention from Dee Ostrander fans who will purchase the products he endorses. It also uses experts by showing him do fairly difficult trick, a backside flip, down a 16 stair. This shows that if you purchase Baker Skateboard, you will also be able to perform this trick. But in reality, the only way to be able to perform this trick, is to practice. It uses Name-calling, by the text printed on it “F&#k with Baker” and “Turn the page for wack [email protected]%t”. This makes Baker seem like it is for less-educated and vulgar people, curse words to draw attention and to and their advertisement.

When they should be trying to pull attention to their product without using childish techniques such as cursing. Finally, this ad uses timing. It uses timing, by advertising for Dee Ostrander’s new video part coming out soon. Therefore, this ad is meant to bring attention to Baker by using the profanity to bring attention to there up and coming video coming out. This is bad because rather than advertizing in a family friendly manner, they are attempting to use stereotypes and curse words to bring attention to their new product. This add offense skateboarders.

It draws a conclusion that all skateboarders are uneducated and vulgar. When in actuality, they are extremely intelligent and kind people. This ad has a lot in its subtext. It is mostly to bring attention to Baker skateboards by using childish ploys such as profanity. They attempt to curse as a desperate to make themselves more popular and more known in the skateboarding community.

But rather than calling another brand curse words, they could just use traditional advertizing to do this instead. They are also saying if you purchase this product, like stated before, you will also become this good at skateboarding. When again, the only true way to become good at skateboarding, is to actually skateboard and practice. However, there is a lot missing in this ad and it unfortunately creates more questions than answers. The statement “AM video coming soon!!!?” is a huge red flag.

How soon is soon? Where I can I purchase this? How much will it cost? Along with the advertisement for Baker skateboards, it says nothing about price, where I can get them, and what they look like. This ad has many offensive things about it. It uses cursing, it has an “In your face attitude”, and it also maybe not be pleasant for those people that don’t like skateboarding. Unfortunately, there are people such as the elderly that don’t like newer things. It also uses the stereotype that all skateboarders are like this and presents a poor image for the skateboarding community.

This ad can offend skateboarders as well. They are producing an image that skateboarders are uneducated and vulgar people when in reality, they’re not. In the end, this ad is offensive to many people and in many ways therefore, it is a perfect candidate to this contest.