Banners Strange: Disappeared

Upon entering the high school this September, students were greeted with the absence of the club banners, which have adorned the lobby ceiling for many years.

Philip Conrad, newly appointed high school principal, reports that the banners have been removed for cleaning, as they have been up for nearly twenty years. The banners were in great need of cleaning. It is also reported that some of the club banners, were no longer relevant to the school. Due to this, banners for new clubs would be needed to fill the space. Principal Conrad also commented on using the space above the lobby in a different way, as opposed to using banners.

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He says, “As an artist I think that it would be an awesome spot for an Alexander Calder mobile.” Patricia Whalen, English program advisors, states, “At first I was shocked to not see them up. But, it’s become a new normal.” “I was curious on why they were gone,” Ms. Whalen said, “and so I asked on why.” Nancy Walke, a dramatic literary and English teacher and had worked here prior to her departure to the middle schools, said, “I had ran a club and it no longer exist.”