There are many words in the English language that most of us have never heard of and probably never will. Every word has five hundred words that work in its place, or another way to say what you mean in a much more complicated way. Take the word “good” for example. This word is currently listed with 380 synonyms, which seems like a little much. Why are we making what we mean to say so much more complicated? The words that fill our language up as useless and confusing synonyms for the everyday person, should simply be eliminated, crossed out, and thrown away.

The perfect example of this is “borborygmus”, and I’m sure most people have no idea what this word even means. For those who are unfamiliar with the word borborygmus, it is the word used to describe the gurgling noises that occurs from the movement of gases and fluids in the intestines. In other words, it means your stomach is growling. Not only is the meaning of this word disgusting when you imagine what these fluids look like, but this imagine is connected to some long word that is way too difficult to say. Personally, I don’t want to have to think about nasty fluids while also having to concentrate on pronouncing the word borborygmus correctly. Imagine sitting in class and your extremely thunderous insides start to rumble.

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All your classmates shoot their heads around to awkwardly glance at you for a moment, just to add to your embarrassment. Just to help the situation out, you loudly yell, “Don’t look at me like that! It is just my borborygmus!” Shortly after that everyone is left wondering what that even is anyway. Soon rumors will be spreading about you have some contagious disease. The best way to avoid confusion is to just use common vocabulary that everyone knows, my stomach is growling. There is no reason to keep a word in the English language that no one knows or uses.

The best solution to this problem is to eliminate the word. All in all, eliminating borborygmus will benefit everyone. Doctors, students, and confused bystanders will no longer have a scaring imagine of acidic fluids moving through the digestive system flash through their mind after they are forced to Google the definition of this peculiar word. Ditch the dictionary and speak in everyday terms. Your stomach is growling.

Go eat a sandwich or something.