Bully is what Teenagers Feared Most

Bully is what teenagers feared most.

Nobody wants to be a victim of bully. Bully is so common these days. Every now and then, there will be cases of bullies being reported in the newspaper and it will be a ‘hot topic’. What is even more disappointing is that this had become a trend and getting more common. Therefore, I would like to step up and voice out my opinion on bully. First, I want to ask the bullies, WHY BULLY? What the fun of it? Do you know how much other people suffer just because you had bullied someone? Why do I say someone…because not only you victim will suffer but you parents will suffer as well.

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Ever since you were born, you parents tried their best to mold you into someone good and important one day. HOWEVER, all these high hopes will just be washed down into the drain because you had done something wrong. Your victims had done nothing wrong to you, had they? So what if they are geeks or a weirdo, they are still humans and have their rights. They deserve to live a normal life. Who know…one day the weirdo you used to bully had created a cure for cancer? Amazing right? According to my perspective, you don’t all these just for you ridiculous temporary self-satisfaction. You will tend to bully someone just because you want to let off some steam.

If these are the reason…well I find it stupid. Come on people, CHANGE YOU WAYS. Be civilized people. Try to achieve your parents’ dreams. It’s still not too late to turn over a new leaf. There is still a chance before it’s too late.

Grab it. I hope this short article may help to decrease the number of bullies and awaken the bullies from their ‘long slumber’. If you need help, seek someone. Don’t be shy for there is nothing to be shy of. Seek help from your parents, teachers or a professional counsellor. I wish you good luck.