Bullying At School

The definition of bullying is : use superior strength or influence to intimidate ,typically to force him or her to do what one wants to do.Thats what it means and to me i think that its a good meaningful reason because those words are the truth and people think that we should make new ones so that we can have like a little kids way or version and like the teen and the adult one. Do you believe that people get bullied a lot? Well for me i think that people in school get bullied a lot because people are stupid,not smart and that they don’t think what they do before they do it .Well in my school there are kids that get bullied a lot which i help them with what they are going through and when i see that happen i would say something and then if they don’t listen i would have to tell them to stop but then i would get tired so them i would go and tell the principle on them.To me if they think that i am a snich but really i dont snich on people because thats rude but if it is something bad i would go and tell some one that is near me like if it is in school then i would go to teachers or anyone near me .If it is outside of school then anyone that is close to me.People that is famouse has died from being well they killed them self which to me that is a sad thing because they should of had some one to talk to like around them.Like at my school we have princieple ,Vice princiep,and the concler so i have many different people around me that love me.So i think that bullying is a really good one to pick because a lot of people in the united states like about 28% have been bullied so we really need to work on being more nicer and kind too each other because that is how we are going to make new friends and make new people so we all need to get a long which that is the number 1.If i got to write rules i would write for number one is that we all need to get a long like no joke i am tierd of all this happing like sericley we need to work together so that we can just make this world better pleas just for once that would make me feel better would that make you guys fell better because i know that it would make me feel better.These are the type of bullying that happens around here like social bullying which that it when it happens online like mostly it happens on Facebook and like texting mostly with the teen agers which we need to stop that do you guess have a way that we can stop this from happening?Well if i got to answer it would be people should stop going on their phone and spend more time with their family/friends.So I think that this hole bullying is such a bad thing which they need to stop because people are getting hurt and i even had friends that was even scared to come back to the school that is really sad like if was me i would go right off on them.with the bullying and just make everyone be friends and get along (we are all family) The second thing is that all around the world their are bullying happening but the the most bullying is around the boston area so we really need to work on it and the other states are doing much better than us we should try to make us be the number on in the United State.Another reason is that kids have been getting hurt which that is a very bad thing parents have been calling the school and their wear going to call the cops because they got hurt really bad like if it was my kid i would go right up to the school and talk with them if they don’t do anything then that is wear i call the cops and bring them so court.Which they would not want that to happen so the schools need to do something right away like i am no joke.The facts that i got off line is that a lot of the kids have been bullied.Their are many ways that i can help the kids like we can like make a plan like their should be like cameras just kidding .But really we should have a talk with all the schools in cambridge like talking about how bullying is not a good thing and that we need to stop it because people get hurt a lot and the their .Parents don’t like and that they get really mad and they might won’t to stop the school and like bring it to court which to me i dont think its a good thing at all and don’t they lose all their money which won’t they get broke and they can’t offered which that is really sad to me because they won’t have money for their kids and wife and other stuff like no christmas present.Which i need them i can not live without it.Their are these facts that i got off line about bullying and i hope that these would make people think about what they have been doing to these kids.I hope that they would not do it anymore because it is not a good thing at all.When i was little i got bullied a lot and i did not know what to do about it but now since i am older i feel much better and i know what to do.And if i see someone getting bullied