Bullying at my School

In my school, there is supposed to be zero tolerance for bullying. The school’s administrators even say there is a no bullying policy. However, almost any school you go to, there will always be someone to pick on you. I go to a special needs high school.

There are some kids who are autistic, or have Asperser’s syndrome, students who have dyslexia, A.D.D. children, and some who don’t go to public school (according to them) because they’re parents don’t want them to. The kids who claim they should be in public school pick on the kids who don’t seem to be “normal”. Everyone is “weird” to each other.

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Sometimes, the word retarded is used. What gets to me, is the two words, “normal” and “weird” don’t have any precise definitions. I mean, have you ever wondered what is normal? Can you tell me the definition for weird? Some kids that may be annoying get picked on. Students don’t consider that this is a special needs school, and kids have problems. Therefore, theses kids aren’t actually annoying. To them, they don’t know that they may be bugging you.

Sometimes, kids get physical. There are kids who have serious anger issues. Sometimes, they don’t understand that the person who is annoying them has a problem (like themselves) and push or hit other students. That’s when one of the many social workers arrive. Once a week, at my school, everyone has a scheduled appointment with their social worker.

Everyone sees a social worker. Some students ask to see their social worker, when they get aggravated, or feel stressed. Sometimes the students want to have a tactic to not lash out. Every now and then, we are denied to see our social worker, which is a cause for things to get physical. So, at my school we have physical and verbal bullying. This situation aggravates me because I am in the 11th grade, and all of elementary school, and some of middle school I was picked on.

Why, if I am in a supposedly “bully-free” high school do I still witness bullying? Truth is, bullying will never go away.