Business Day

How to stop massive riot on a very special day? Do you want to make friend or enemies?With some rules and regulation we can make this Business Day smooth without making enemies or cause riot.This method that every participant of business day have to follow and agree, can make Business Day more enjoyable, just by following the rules and regulation.

Rules have to be applied to every single Business Day that we had.It could prevent unwanted activities, yet it could also make people do what the rules is applying which will not end in massive disaster.That rules of course will not be something that will ‘destroy’ this Business Day, it will in fact help your group and others to have a wonderful flow on your Business Day. We all have ever dream about having a Business Day in peace! The buyers and sellers doing business in perfect harmony. Think about if other group steal ideas which can trigger all the customer going to other group , and not yours.

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The reduce of numbers in customer can reduce your groups profit and that profit will goes to other group.We all can stop this by just following the rules in Business Day. There are 7 strategic rules that we can apply on Business Day which can prevent unwanted things. The rules of this 2016 Business Day are; hawking can only be achieved on the last 15 minutes, it is not allowed for parents to sell their product on your booth, name for booth and store must be appropriate, clothes such as pants must be longer than knee, no sandals, use sleeve clothes, 1 group has to have a uniform, you cannot do things that might trigger a riot, we can’t use plastic on Business Day, and finally every group has to provide trash container. By following these 7 rules we can deny unwanted things such as riots, stolen ideas, and making enemies.

Rules could sometimes be beneficial not only for buyers but also sellers.Couple of rules could even promote business and make it successful.Other than benefits, rules could also stop some goods business ideas that was beneficial to your company.Rules give boundaries to some activities that may affect some persons imagination, even though those ideas could improve their business.Not letting your creative idea promote your company have a good reputation to the world isn’t ideal for everyone.

Now we ask you! What would you do? Your creativity stops if you stop imagining… Rules can be beneficial and sometimes it give boundaries to your creativity. would you follow or not follow the rules?