Can Justice Determined by Money?

Many people likes money and some even go crazy because of it.

Money is something that everyone desires and everyone thinks that money can buy everything on this earth. So, naturally, people would do anything to get more money. However, when justice is in need, a person should never allow a big chunk of money to be in the way of justice. There are some things that cannot be bought by money, such as love, friendship, loyalty, trust and many more. One of these things is justice. Justice cannot be determined by money.

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Justice is the quality of being fair and reasonable; If justice is determined by money, then it won’t be justice anymore. Money is everywhere and it was here in the past, present, and will be here in the future. However, since most people want to become rich, live in a comfortable shelter, never worry about food, and be healthy and live as long as they can. And, to achieve these dreams, they need money. Money for expenses, money for a house, money for food, and money for hospitals. However, because nowadays people can almost do anything to be rich, many people misunderstand that money can do everything for them and that money can buy everything.

However, money can’t buy justice. Justice is to be fair, and if money buys off justice, than it can’t be considered fair. Also, justice was sometimes covered and forgotten once people started bribing the justices and judges. Bribing works most of the time and even though people think that only happened in the past, it still happens in the present time. A year ago, a guy named Eric Garner accidentally died because he got choked by a policeman trying to arrest him. The court offered Eric Garner’s family a whole lot of money and the family agreed to drop the issue.

This is the nowadays bribing case where they bribe people so they can forget about what really happened, forget about the truth, forget about bringing justice to people, and just drop the whole matter completely. As one can see so clearly, bribing does not take place in just the past, but in the present time as well. And, it is likely that the future would also contain some people bribing their way in to something or bribing to cover up justice and make people forget about it. Lastly, justice would never be fair when bribing would go on. People would want justice but they do it because of money.

Eric Garner’s family was one of those people wanting attention and money and telling others that they are doing it in the name of justice. They started bringing up Eric Garner again and even though that case has occurred a year ago, the family brought it up again so they can bring justice. However, the case happened a year ago and the case was already sealed when the family agreed to get the money and not mention it again. It was over and that was that. But, now they bring it up again, saying that justice needs to take place.

Of course, they could’ve said that when they received the money a year ago. They could’ve refused to accept the money. They didn’t, though. That’s because they were blinded by money, the greed to be rich. So, they took justice as an excuse to get more money.

Money is something that people will need to get survive. It’s true that money is important and that people can’t live without money. They’ll die of hunger or thirst. However, just because they need the money desperately, that doesn’t mean they need to use justice and fairness as an excuse to get the money. It’s unacceptable and unfair, which doesn’t fit the definition of justice.