The Tea collection Case study

Identify the key software applications used by The Tea collection. Website for shopping online design software Ego-mapping to see where the market is not over saturated with children’s clothing A back end tool for retailers to be place orders over the internet Software that was created for the company is a tool bag in for retailers to make it easier for the ordering processing for the internet users. 2.

How does the Ego- mapping software help the company grow? Explain how sales reps use the results of the Ego-mapping system.

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The Tea Collection plays a role for ensuring their survival and to promote competitive advantage. The customer service has been well improved and It helps the organization to prepare themselves so that they can work up to a level which will allow them to be on top, at the same time it shows how the markets that they have already targeted are operating. It uses the software to be able to sell their products online across the country. 3. What is the main technology challenge identified in the video? How would you suggest this challenge should be addressed?

The main technology challenge Identified in this video is the integration of the different computer systems, would suggest addressing this dispute by investing money in in-house training of the people working on integrating these systems.

So that everyone in the company has the same knowledge consequently it will be easier to work together Moreover, on communication specialized employees whose task is the communication between the people working with those computer systems could enhance the working atmosphere as well as lower the time needed.

It could be suggested to invest more money in cosmologies and also in research to figure out a better integration of the computer systems. This would result in less dependency on people and therefore. 4. Do you believe this company can continue to grow rapidly with the existing software and hardware they have demonstrated in this video? Why or why not? With the existing software that is available to them, the company has potential to grow.

Rhea Tea Company was able to expand its market due to the use of computer integrated systems.

In an effort to expand the budding company they began using geographical mapping software to assist with sales, and with collecting data for potential new markets. According to the information provided and considering the development of information technologies, the smaller companies like The Tea Collection could expand and grow rapidly. Their business would not be realizable and successful without technology; helps solve the problem by identifying the existing business processes, beginning with the complaint intake process and ending Ninth the resolution of Market sales, and provided an overall of the existing CRM system based on the needs