Facial Action System Case Study

Most research suggests we are not very good at detecting lying, and we think we’re much better than we are.

Do you believe FACES would improve your ability to detect lying in others? When we look at every day at people in businesses or school or public Institutions we tend to Judge them unknowingly and form a pattern to detect of action that will happen with their behavior. We continuously try and evaluate people to see if they are saying the truth or trying to lie and bluff to us.

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Some professions demand that as a trait for the Job such as Police, detective, Judges or lawyer services. Even organizations that employ such specialist individuals may be lied to by a set of individuals are trained to fool such organization. Secret service agencies such as CIA, Mommas and other agencies around the world are professionals at such services. Surveys reveal that people are not good at detecting lies and in order to be accurate En need to train ourselves giving ample of time to weigh people’s response and arrive at a conclusion.

Several surveys such as of Seaman, Sullivan & Frank (1999) clearly pointed to the fact that only a small percentage of professionals could actually edge accurately whether individuals were saying the truth or lying. FACES (Facial Action System) is one system which can determine from patterns of facial movement variety of things and it was developed by Swedish anatomist Carl- Herman Hosts. It was consequently adopted by Paul Seaman and Wallace Fringes. Currently FACES system is regularly used by investigating agencies and behavioral scientist to determine which muscle movement means what.

FACES versatility makes it a unique and time tested method of testing facial behavior and expression to derive its meaning.

A manual supplemented with video was published by Seaman Fringes to explain Judgment of behavior and determine whether individual is saying the truth or lying. I do believe that FACES would really help in improving our ability to detect lies Ninth the advent of faster computers software and other nearer measuring system. It’s a genuine research of years of science and psychology and cannot be dismissed although humans have the ability to fake it.

Coupled with other techniques such as pulse detection and temperature complete accuracy could be achieved. 2. Do you hind the information in this case could help you tell whether someone’s smile is genuine? No.

Applying FACES cannot be done based on Just statistical data but on actually measuring human behavior in controlled environment. Applying the basic principles of FACES could be use to determine whether a person’s smile is fake or not as human muscles movement can hardly be faked to arrive at a correct Judgment.

Only through extensive training and a composite approach we can apply the same. 3. Is your impression of the facial expressions of the eight business leaders consistent with what the researcher found? If not, why do you think your views might be at odds with his? A research on videos and pictures of the eight personalities made me feel that there is nothing original to it. With years of lying and experience they have learnt to fake their facial expression I do not know FACES as such but assume that I understand people’s facial expression.

I differ from the researcher because I have Judged these Coo’s based on first impression which I received by seeing their videos and photos which were done specifically tort public consumption. For example Apple‘s CEO Steve Jobs, he has 48% positivist rating base on Hill’s analysis, yet we cannot deny the fact that he has a charming charisma and personality in front of the public, despite of his actual rude and harsh personality in front of his employees.

Yet despite of his bad attitudes sometimes, still people patronizes Job’s ideas of innovations. After his death I realized that all may not have been pleasant with him in the last days and his health suffered most and the pain made him smile as if in stress which he did not do in his younger years.

4. One research study found people’s ratings of the positive affect displayed in Coo’s faces eave very little correlation to their company’s profits. Does that suggest to you that Hill’s analysis is immaterial?

Well Hill’s analysis may certainly not be immaterial, but it’s Just that there is no significant relationship between the degrees of positivist of a CEO in relation to his company’s profit. Since a business doesn’t Just work on smiling faces but rather on profit. If that had been the case all companies would have kept smiling faces in the office.

Large multinationals have a completely different way of Morning and are separate from the persona of their CEO. CEO of large serious impasses like ORACLE has a very low positive rating if you take them Just based on their CEO Larry Ellison’s smile quotients.

It’s his business model and the people who run the day to day affair that make the profits and bring about positive affect on the company’s profit. It doesn’t matter if the CEO does not display positive attitude as long as they could deliver the quality service they provide to their customer. In fact Coo’s do not care about a few employees getting hurt so long as they are able to run the show well. 5.

Assuming you could become better at detecting the real emotions n facial expressions; do you think it would help your career?

Why or why not? Definitely it will help and there is something called emotional Quotient that needs to be remembered here. With a real understanding of real emotions and facial expressions you could easily turn around the discussion your way and use it to your careers advantage. I immediately sense if people are too sweet and trying to lie to me. In many cases I do not believe many things which others believe and suffer from people. Also the other person understands from your expression whether you are buying his story or not