University of Wisconsin Case Study

Background Information

Our client is finishing his Freshman year in college at the University of Wisconsin, Inhere his grades are mainly “C” with an occasional “D.

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” At intake, he reported that Nile in college he has especially liked all sciences and English. His college activities Include being a member of a social fraternity where he was elected steward and is responsible for the supervision of the cooking and planning of all meals etc. He also serves on the school newspaper and is a member of the Debating Society.

When seed about his high school experience, he indicated that he liked all sciences, especially Chemistry and English. He disliked most foreign language and mathematics courses. His most satisfying high school accomplishments included his having been twice elected Captain of the Ski Team and having founded a Mountaineering Club.

His favorite activities include sports, skiing, mountain- climbing, sailing, hiking, hunting and dramatics. As a child, he most enjoyed his toys and building things out of wood.

The client listed the following as the most important problems he has had to face in the last 10 years: (1) What do about school Z) Personal family problems 13) Saving lives in an avalanche accident while mountain-climbing; in fact, he led an expedition in which an avalanche accident occurred and one of the members of the group, a go, was killed. The client has not gotten over this accident; he still thinks about how he should have taken the group down the mountain by a different route so that the accident would never have occurred. 4) Running and planning meals for 30 people in the Fraternity House.

He reported that his general health condition was “excellent,” even though he has had pneumonia and sinusitis. His sinusitis problem began when he was 5 years of age. In his senior year of high school, his parents sent him too private school in Sun Valley, where he had not sinus problems at all. When he went to Madison, Wisconsin, to college, the sinusitis problem reoccurred. With respect to accidents and injuries, the client has broken his nose at different times, his left arm, left hand and left ankle.

He is left-handed.

He also has had three concussions. Our client is the oldest of three (3) children. His younger brother, age 17, has nephritis. He graduated from a private boys school and had been accepted to Yale University. The pungent child is a girl of 7 years.

She has had 15% vision since birth and is presently attending the Perkins Institute for the Blind. The father is a heart specialist. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin and received his medical degree from Harvard University. The mother is 2 years younger than her husband.

She also attended the University of Wisconsin, but only for 2 years.

At the time of testing, the client indicated that she did not have her Bachelor’s Degree, but was pursuing it in the Boston area. The problem concerns the question as to whether the client should intention in college since his grades are so low. His parents also wonder whether he should continue at the University to Wisconsin I t en does choose to remain in school. It seems that his sinusitis is as bad in Madison as it is in Boston, so his parents are concerned if he should return to Wisconsin.

Finally, the client has stated that he is not sure what career to work towards.

II. Psychoacoustics of Family Type The client in this case study appears to come from the Judgmental Family type. Irish is has been concluded based on several of his responses in the sentence implosion section. For example, “7. AT HOME WE sit and talk about what has been accomplished during the day. ” This shows that his family is focused on what materialistic goals not necessarily family values.

His family should ask what problems they solved or need help resolving, instead it sounds like they are in competition about whose day was the most successful. “23. I AM SORRY that my marks are not ‘ere good. ” In the description of a Judgmental Family it states that “The parental criticism may extend to the children’s use of language, their lack of responsibility, heir dress, their academic records, and other matters” this is a great example because the main concern of the client was that he is not sure what to do about his schooling.

He probably feels pressured by his father especially, who is a doctor, to receive much higher marks so he feels that he is letting him down in a sense.

Our client is also part of a fraternity. As being part of a Judgmental Family it says that the children often seek appraisal and support from peers. As being part of a fraternity it IS like being part of a brother hood so he has many others there for him when he needs them. Ill. Psychoacoustics of Tests On his individualized intelligence tests our client scored a 131 on his Stanford-Bines test and a 126 on his WAS.

A score of 100 on the Stanford-Bines test is considered average so our client scored well above average. A score of 100 is average so his score is considered superior. Based on this it shows that our client has the potential to be earning much higher grades. It may be a matter of discipline or laziness that has been preventing him from doing so. As being part of a Judgmental Family type getting inferior grades is also a form of acting out which could also be applicable in his situation.

He is also in the 97 percentile of both tests which means he scored higher than 97% of the population that has taken the test.

On his vocational test our client seemed to score the highest in science related Jobs and interests. This makes sense because he has a high ‘Q. On the Strong Vocational Test he scored As in the Psychologist, Physician, Chemist, these are all scientifically based occupations. Based on his work ethic he may not be able to and these Jobs despite his ‘Q. He has the tools to be successful but can’t seem to get on the right track school wise.