Case Study San Diego Zoological Society

Ran need a performance management system? The price of copper Jumped significantly in 2006, so they needed to ramp up production to make more profit They needed to change their strategy on handling a changing marketplace and remaining competitive Each mine was run separately, so employee organization was difficult to determine They acquired a company which operated differently than they did, so they needed more standardization 2.

How will it help the company if it has to adjust its strategy in the future? A performance management yester acts as a sort of template for organizational goals, and it can be modified fairly easily based on changing goals, conditions and variables If contributions from certain areas with the organization need to change, the goals are available to everyone for easy and instant access 3.

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Do you think a pen-and-paper performance management system could have been as effective as the electronic system Freeport- Anchorman adopted? No 4. Why or why not? Electronic media Is the only way to ensure Instant, real-time, and consistent access to company information Pen-and-paper Is wasteful, especially since It can be easily outdated by minor changes made to Information

Why do nonprofits such as the San Diego Zoological Society need an appraisal system If their goal Is not to maximize their profits? Profits are not the only reason for appraisals: o Employee development Is also a key factor In determining success, and showing employees their value In the company by linking It to compensation o Setting and tracking goals Is another way of ensuring growth In alignment with business objectives 2. What do you think are the pros and cons of using a web-based appraisal system? Pros: Instant, real-time access; quantifiable metrics; reinsurance; contribute to employee performance; helps to determine whether any performance gaps or missing areas exist that need to be addressed Cons