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Using Darling and Lefty’s (2010) framework, this essay will discuss what are the factors that made Rosalie Mere a successful business entrepreneur. Also, it will evaluate according to Darling and Left (2010) leadership styles, how Mere is classified as a Creator and a Connector leader. She is an effective leader because of her effective performance as the co-founder of Inedited that is parent of Ezra chain of stores, and owner of the 7% of the company (Madrid, 2011).

There are several different definitions of leadership. Zacchary (2007) argues that dervish styles can be predicted by some traits and attributes that are combined in certain way. This means that leadership only relies on leaders, and not on the followers. On the other hand, Morehouse (2012) defines leadership as “a process “hereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (p. 6).

Thus, leadership as an influence process is an event that occurs interactively between the leader and the followers, and leaders try to persuade individuals to achieve common objectives (Morehouse, 2010). Darling and Left (2010) point out that it is also important to identify the differences teen the concepts of management and leadership. “To manage means to bring out, to accomplish, to have responsibility for, and to conduct. To lead means to influence, to guide in direction, course, action, or opinion” (Darling & Left, 2010, p. 56). These two concepts are clearly distinguished, however, their differences do not detract from the importance of each one in the business world (Darling & Left, 2010). Darling and Left propose four leadership styles, which are: Analyzer, Connector, Director, and Creator. These styles are defined according to the level of assertiveness and responsiveness that the leader has. This can be seen on more detail in the figure below: Figure 1 .

Spontaneous) ere Analyzer-type shows a low level of assertiveness and responsiveness; Analyzers are very careful with their activities, organized, self-controlled and prefer to be more analytical than emotional when they are taking decisions (Darling & Left, 2010). Director style combines a high degree of assertiveness with a low degree of emotional responsiveness; they are objective, independent, willing to take risks, competitive and firm (Darling & Left, 2010).

Creator-types leaders have high level of assertiveness and responsiveness; they are persuasive, willing to take risks, optimistic, innovative, outgoing and enthusiastic (Darling & Left, 2010). Finally, the Connector style reflects a relatively low level of assertiveness and a high level of responsiveness; these leaders are sympathetic, understanding, and care about Interpersonal relationships (Darling & Left, 2010). From the four main leadership styles outlined by Darling and Left (2010), Rosalie Mere could be regarded as a Creator and a Connector leader.

These two classifications have a high level of responsiveness in common. Firstly, she has demonstrated being a Creator leader when she has taken innovative approaches to accomplish her company’s goals and has invested in progressive areas (Madrid, 2011). This innovative attitude has been seen from her inceptions in the business Nor. Rosalie Mere started the Inedited Group, a clothing business, with her ex- husband Manioc Ortega in Catalina, a small city of Spain, where Mere was in Charge of the design and making of dressing gowns and lingerie (How she made her pile: Rosalie Mere, Clothing entrepreneur, 2009).

She reminds an entrepreneurial Oman, as she started out her enterprise in a small cottage at home, with many Teams and tee economics resources (Madrid, 2011). Rosalie Mere now NAS around $6. 1 billions, which she could make as a result of hard work, (Karol, 2013). On the other hand, Mere has shown being a Connector when she invests in non- profit organizations in many areas such as, education, film and biotechnology. This reflects her compromise to society and her interest to help others (Madrid, 2011).

A clear example of this is her social responsibility to invest in humanitarian causes: a marine group, a company that searches for cancer treatments, a maker of systems to recognize newborns based on fingerprinting biometrics (Karol, 2013). Besides, Karol 2013) points out that “her Paid Foundation works to integrate people with physical and mental disabilities, like her son Marco’s, into larger society’ (p. L). Also, Karol 12013) claims that she is “the wealthiest self-made woman on the planet, thanks in part to a 50% Jump this past year in the value of Inedited, the fashion retailer she co- founded with her ex-husband Manioc Ortega” (p. ). Nowadays, “Inedited is one of the Normal’s largest fashion retailers, welcoming shoppers at its eight store formats -Ezra, Pull & Bear, Misaims Duty, Berserk, Strabismus, Shoo, Ezra Home and Utterјe – boasting 6. 09 stores in 86 markets” (Inedited, n. D. , p. L). Besides, the Inedited Group has stores in more than 400 cities across the world and its profits have clearly increased in the last year, which can be seen in the figure below (Inedited, n. D. ).

Fiscal Year 2012 2011 12/11 Net sales(l) 1 5,946 13,793 Net profit(l) 2,361 1,932 NO of stores 5,527 482 NO of markets 32 Employees 120,314 109,512 10,802 ere Inedited financial year is from 1st February to 31st January of the following year (1) in millions of euros (Inedited. N. D. ). Erne graphic demonstrates now large is Inedited Mere is an detective woman in the easiness world and has a philanthropic spirit (How she made her pile: Rosalie Mere, Clothing entrepreneur, 2009). She likes being close to workers to understand their needs, and this helps the entire company to work towards a common goal. In that Nay, they see her as a positive leader.

Leadership styles play a crucial role in every company, as its success is based on how leaders work on it to achieve the organization’s goals. Rosalie Mere shows a positive example of compromise with her company, people and society. Furthermore, she reflects a clear example of Creator and Connector Leadership styles according to Darling and Left (2010). She is Creator as she has demonstrated her innovative approaches at work by establishing effective relationships with workers, inspiring people to achieve their goals, caring of people with enthusiasm, and taking risks to generate more economic profits for her company.


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