Case Study: Advancing Our Interests

The interest in security, by way of safeguarding the American people and it’s territory, has been and Nail continue to be the highest priority in America’s national security. The other three interests are also extremely important to the national security although each with a difference priority level. Arguably, their priority level will differ by opinion however this case study will make the argument for arranging the last three interests in the order of the following precedence; international order, prosperity, and values.

The remises behind the national security strategy is that America needs something that presents the best path to achieve their objectives and establish long-term security. Standing in the way of America’s prosperity and subsequently spreading its values is the current state of international chaos. “… International order will support our efforts to advance security, prosperity, and universal values, but it is also an end that En seek in its own right” (National Security Strategy, 2010). As it clearly states, international order is the foundation of what the United States is ultimately trying to achieve.

And along with security, is the backbone of the United State’s national security. Within the National Security Strategy, international order is broken down even further with some very important components to help in achieving long-term goals. One component is ensuring strong alliances and working on building a strong partnership with the 21st century centers of influence to add stability internationally. ‘Certain bilateral relationships?such as U. S. Relations with China, India, and Russia? Nail be critical to building broader cooperation on areas of mutual interest” (National

Security Strategy, 2010). Along with the alliances that the United States currently has, the intention would be to prompt new alliances with goal of tackling global Challenges such as poverty and hunger. By taking a positive role in trying to ease international strife, international order does not seem so far fetched. As the United State’s expands its allies and the cooperation between countries grow, the criminal threats around the world will be forced to diminish. A prime example of how this could successfully work is in Africa.

As it stands today thousands of young men are arced into a life of crime, some by coercion, others believe there is no other way to support their family. One major thing that is lacking in Africa is agriculture, as it stands there is help going on right now to help this grow, but with more countries Involved it could grow quicker. A stable Africa would greatly enhance the stability of the world and the national security of the United States. Working on the United State’s prosperity would be an ideal first step if the focus were to build up America Introit concern with the international community and national security.

In order to properly work on prosperity, the United States wool d nave to take touch away trot international relations, and the subsequent issues, and focus more on the home front. If this were to happen, the United States would not be as involved in the International community and would surely loose some influence, which would lead to less situational awareness and a decrease in the overall national security. Once there is progress in international order, the global economy and the prosperity of the United States and the world is attainable. “…

A growing and open global economy serves as a source of opportunity for the American people and a source of strength for the United States” (National Security Strategy, 2010). Over the last few decades the United States has tried time and time again to spread it’s values to the rest of the Nor to no avail. One major point brought up within the National Security Strategy 2010) is the call to strengthen the power of the United States example to the rest of the world. Before that can be done successfully, United States’ imagine needs to improve.

Not taking into account the current allies, the very countries that the United States wishes to have a positive public imagine to are the ones that view the United States negatively. Perhaps once international order is achieved and the United States works on its prosperity, ultimately improving itself in every aspect and subsequently imagine, when America values are spread they will be more widely accepted. Security, prosperity, values, and international order; each of theses interests play an integral part in securing the long-term national security of the United States.


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