Case study Play in UPS operations

What role do they play in UPS operations? Answer: UPS Smart Labels are computerized bar codes that provide shipping information through the Aids. They provide customer information for shipping resulting in faster, more reliable shipping. 2.

Write out the steps a package takes from pick-up by a UPS driver to delivery including the role of AID, the UPS Data Center, and the UPS Package Center. Answer: The package is picked up from the customer by a driver and the driver creates a mart label with the shipping information and a tracking number.

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This information is then sent to the warehouse through the AID. The AID is also used to make sure the driver is delivering the right packages, taking all of one customer’s packages off the truck and even has GAPS technology to help with their route. When the driver scans the smart label on the package with the AID the information is sent to the UPS Data Center.

All packages are processed through the UPS Package Center. 3. What role does wireless communication play in the UPS systems?

Answer: Wireless communication allows the UPS drivers to have flexibility while out on their deliveries and keeps them up to date about changes in their route which makes pick- ups and deliveries faster and more efficient. 4. How has information technology transformed the package delivery business? Answer: Information technology has changed the package delivery business by allowing more efficient and customer oriented business practices. 5.

How does Pup’s Investment In IT help it achieve the strategic business objectives described In Chapter 1?