Case study Eric

Eric would be characterized at neurotic because of the way he feels about his looks and how he blames anti-Semitism every time he is rejected no matter the real reason.

The case study says he frequently feels persecuted for his Swinishness and any slight real or imagined is considered anti-Semitism shows how he can’t take any criticism. The case study also mentions a female student that attempted to get to know him, when she asked his name he replied “I’m Eric you don’t want to know me” his leads me to believe he may be depressed which is a symptom of neurosis.

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Eric is an introvert, several times in the case study it mentions that he does not like interacting with people face to face and has a very hard time making friends. The case study also says he rarely went out and his sole social outlet was fantasy baseball Inhere all the interactions were either done through the mail or on a computer. Rough the study says he does have some friends it took him a very long time to trust them and most were “misfits” like him.

Eric also goes through great pains to avoid

Omen because he feels his looks with keep him from ever having a relationship with them. Eric would be described as conventional because he doesn’t like change. The case study points out that when any of his things wear out he replaces them with something similar. The study also says he is very set in his ways this shows that he is not open to new things. Erie’s friends tried to get him to try new activities but he refused, his lack of openness to experience kept him doing the same things over and Eric would score very low on agreeableness because he is very difficult to get along with.

Erie’s office was located close to the mail room and his office mate would often talk to the people who came in to pick up their mail this annoyed Eric and he Mould often try to break up these interactions by saying things like “working here. ” He Mould often complain about his office mate playing music this shows how difficult he is to get along with. Eric is very conscientious; he puts lots of time and effort into his work. His desertion was on a storm that lasted five days but he spent over two years researching the storm and one year writing up his analysis this shows how much care he took in is work.