Case Study Levi Strauss Co

Levi Strauss South Africans Relationship Marketing programmer, the Levier’s Loop.

This marriage off superior application and a well-conceptualized CRM programmer proved to be so successful that Levies’ CRM agency – Oscar Tango won a Gold Lore Award In the category, Experiential: strategic CRM Programmer for the Levi'” Loop in 2006. “The Loire endorses Eureka as a highly successful Relationship Marketing system. Among other things Eureka enables LISA to code automated communication messages to ensure that the consumer receives a seamless consumer experience; all based on their own personal Journey with the

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Levels@ Loop programmer. These functionalities allow Levi Strauss AS to communicate with their members through a variety of channels, including mobile, in a timeout and relevant fashion,” says Jon Jacobson, CEO of Global Vision. Candace Geology, Marketing Manager of Levi Strauss AS says that since inception, Eureka’s performance in support of the Levies Loop programmer has surpassed expectations. Through Eureka, a company can proactively influence consumer behavior through targeted and proactive marketing campaigns, rather than merely monitoring behavior and waiting to see the results of these campaigns.

The application offers marketers a single vehicle with which to plan and execute targeted once or ongoing campaigns using e-mail, SMS, direct mail, telephone and the Web. Working Together. And with the support of Eureka’s sophisticated database, the application also offers marketers a rare level of targeted interactivity that allows synergy between campaign distribution and the capturing of campaign-related consumer responses back into the database.

This, coupled with the ability to store consumer history brings the best of the IT and the marketing world together. For example, a marketer can interrogate nee dataset to lament TTY all customers won nave spent Walton a certain purchase basket at a specific store and within a date range, and send them a targeted promotion with the aim to influence their purchase behavior. This type of data has endless possibilities for marketers and their strategic partners alike.

Closing the CRM loop with Levi'” Loop Marketers worldwide subscribe to the Parent Principle which – in simple business terms – means that 80% of sales are generated by 20% of one’s clients. This is supported by the belief among the marketing fraternity that long-term customer attention is more important and profitable than customer acquisition, and that it is important to establish and maintain relationships to improve these customers’ profitability and value to a company.

Marketers therefore combine their CRM programmer with additional marketing campaigns to refine customer data and improve customers’ interest in the company and its products. In the case of Levi Strauss AS, Geology says, “Eureka and its integration into our point-of-sale system has allowed us to develop a strategically robust CRM Programmer that has longevity, sustainability and flexibility at its core. Eureka’s campaign management system allows us to assess, in real-time, the success of campaigns that we are running within particular segments at a particular time.

These response rates, over time, are captured into Eureka and, coupled with the sales history from the point-offset system, provide us with rich, valid and credible research to inform our marketing strategy going forward. “This campaign management system coupled with the analytics tools that Global Vision developed for Levi Strauss AS ensure that we are able to speak to our consumers in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them at any given point of heir relationship with our brand,” she concludes.

Launching January 2010 The next generation of Eureka, Global Vision’s flagship Relationship Marketing software launches in January 2010 as Dora, Integrated Relationship Marketing software. Dora enables marketers to engage with their consumers across multiple touch points – such as email, SMS, Web, Call Centre and Live Events – and keep track of all responses and interactions generated. This in turn enables marketers – and agencies – to increase the relevance of their marketing and thereby increase response rates and loyalty to the brand.