Case Study on Haier Group

Haier Group Case Study:

Haier Group is the Chinese company which manufactures home appliances and consumer electronics. The company was founded in 1984 and very soon became the largest Chinese company which produces nearly all types of consumer electronics. The total number of the models of products manufactures by Haier Group is more than 15 thousand: LCD-TVs, plasma TVs, DVD-players, mobile phones, laptops, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc.

The Haier Group production is sold in more than 160 countries of the world and according to the statistics the company is the most massive manufacturer of home appliances in the world. The company is the five of the fifty most perspective Chinese companies which can compete on the world market. According to the statistics of the reputed financial journals Haier Group is the 26th most successful, influential and reliable business in the world. Haier is not a simple manufacturer of home appliances but the scientific and research centre on engineering, what enabled it become the owner of nearly ten thousand patents on various appliances. Nowadays the company takes the active part in the creation and evaluation of the international standards of quality for the various classes of devices. Haier Group has achieved its success due to the fact that it controls all the stages of design, engineering, material supply, production, testing, logistics and sale itself.

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The company is the owner of 20 research institutes, where the appliance are projected and designed and 29 plants where they are manufactured. Haier production is manufactured not only in China but in Europe and US and has more than 50 thousand employees all over the world.Haier Group is the well-known and successful manufacturer or consumer electronics and the student is able to research a case related with its production. Of course, before writing the case one should read about the history of the company, learn about the production manufactured by Haier Group and get to know about the pluses and minuses of the company. When the student operates the general information about the topic, he will manage to research Haier Group case study professionally.

The most essential points for the research are the cause and consequences of the problem of the case and its professional solution. The young professional should evaluate the activity of Haier Group in the case and draw his own conclusion about the problem.A case study is the definite research of the problem related with the production of Haier Group and very often students require additional assistance of a free example case study on Haier Group written by an expert online. It is a big plus to be able to see the free sample case study on Haier Group, because this advice improves the chance of the creation of a well-formatted and logical paper.