Case Study on Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication Case Study:

Intercultural communication is the experience of the communication of the representatives of different countries. Global communication is not an easy thing, because every culture has its own qualities, traditions, customs, language, the way of thinking and world perception. Evidently, there are always problems and misunderstandings in communication between people from all over the world and a range of sciences and disciplines studies theses difficulties in order to reduce the cultural barer between people. Such disciplines as psychology, linguistics, ethnology, anthropology, social studies, etc. help people understand the reasons of the behavior and world view of different people. Intercultural communication is very important for research, because the modern world is mostly based on it. The world has become smaller and people are able to travel wherever they want, so the necessity of being aware of the peculiarities of the country and area is very important.

Moreover, there is the economical side of the intercultural communication. Apart from tourism and its profit the global business is now carried out not in the boarders of a single country but between the different parts of the world which are completely different in cultural sense. The importance of intercultural communication is simply evident when one travels abroad to have a good rest and has awkward moments based on the specific world view and customs of the native people. For example, one should limit the usage of gestures abroad, because a positive gesture in your country does not always mean the same abroad. You can disappoint and even abuse a person with a single gesture and have problems as a result.

A successful case study is supposed to be well-organized, logically-composed, interesting and convincing. The teacher should see that you have enough knowledge and experience to research and analyze the case related with intercultural communication. A student should investigate the case, study the case site and think over about the reasons which provoked the problem and its consequences. There should be a wise brief research of the limited problem with all the required components, like cause, effect, methodology and solutions. A student will need to value the effectiveness of the solution of the case and offer his own more reasonable ones, if it possible.

Students often have problems with writing a case study, so they ask for help in the Internet and read free example case studies on intercultural communication online. Many professional writers devote time to writing these models and students are free to take advantage of them to create their own papers. A free sample case study on intercultural communication will help students see the proper style of writing, the rules of research and the logic of the composition of the paper.


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