Case Study on Labor Laws

Labor Laws Case Study:

Labor law is the independent branch of law which serves to manage the relations between employer and employees and the rights and duties of both sides.

The history of the development of labor laws is quite long and dramatic. The period of the first labor movements dates back to the 19th century and the Industrial Revolution. First plants and factories were built and employers required labor force and the social class of workers appeared. Evidently, at first the working conditions of the employees were terrible and they did not have any rights. People were asked to work long hours, sometimes more than 12 hours a day for little money. Of course, there were a lot of accidents which often cost employee’s life and these accidents were not punished.

Naturally, such treatment and conditions did not satisfy the working class and employees started to demand respect and protection of their rights. After a range of labor movements workers received the set of rights, stable working hours and insurance in case of the accident. Employees’ rights and duties are made and approved by the government and people are protected by the state. Labor laws present the complete set of governmental acts and decisions concerning the working time, safety and health, anti-discrimination, unfair dismissal and child labor. Labor laws help to solve conflicts between employees and employer and inform both about the possible sanctions and punishments. There are numerous international organizations which protect labor rights; moreover, nearly every country has certain political parties which focus their political activity on the improvement of the employees’ lives.

A well-composed labor laws case study is supposed to be informative, interesting and logical. A student should study the topic in detail to be able to analyze the limited cases selected from the general vast problem. In order to research the problem suggested for the case study one should look through high-quality sources to collect data and analyze it and draw the right conclusions. It is important to discover the cause of the problem and weigh the effect of the problem. Topics based on labor laws are mostly about the conflicts between employers and employees and students have the chance to solve these problems demonstrating their critical thinking skills and knowledge on law.

The most difficult step in the process of case study writing is the organization of the structure of the paper. Every kind of paper has its own rules of construction, so a student will surely require a good free example case study on labor laws in the Internet. One can read a few papers of the kind and realize how to format and build the proper structure for the paper. Finally, with the help of the free sample case study on labor laws in India one can see the analysis of the problem on the definite example.


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