Case Study on Oil Spills

Oil Spills Case Study:

An oil spill is the accidental release of oil into the natural environment caused by the incompetence of careless human activity. With the development of the human civilization the role of oil has become extremely great. Oil serves as a source of energy (gasoline and diesel which is used by cars and all types of vehicles is made from oil), material for the production of various goods (for example, plastic), it is used in medicine and serves as the key element for the production of various synthetic materials. It is obvious that it is not easy to extract oil from the depth and rocks of the planet, so the resource is very valuable. Unfortunately, oil is extremely harmful for the environment and the human being particularly.

When there is an accident during the transportation of oil in the sea or the ocean, millions of tons of oil flow out from the tanker and cover vast territories of the water. Oil always remains on the surface of the water preventing the fish and mammals underwater get oxygen for breathing. Moreover, when a bird gets into the oil, its feathers are completely spoilt and prevent the bird to fly. Mammals which possess fur also suffer from oil spills, because oil spoils fur and makes animals vulnerable to the effect of warm and cold temperatures (fur controls animals’ temperature balance).Finally, oil spills affects human life badly, because when the beaches are dirty and contaminated with oil, nobody can swim and relax there, the water is consumed by the fish which will be consumed by people and contaminate them. So, if people eat contaminated with the oil animals and plants, their risk to die and catch numerous diseases, that is why when there is an oil spill much work is done to clean the territory from it.

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A well-organized oil spills case study is expected to be interesting, informative, convincing and though provoking. One should research the cause of the problem and analyze its results. It is obvious that one should read a lot to explore all the consequences caused by the oil spill and analyze them in detail. One should concentrate on the effect on the natural environment, flora and fauna and human health. Finally, students should brainstorm the most effective and the fastest methods of cleaning oil spills from the surface.

If one wants to complete his case study successfully, he will need to take advantage of the reliable help of the Internet. A free example case study on oil spills in India will show the possible way of the analysis of the problem and composition of the paper. If one reads a good free sample case study on oil spills Mumbai, he will realize how to format and cite the paper well providing the trustworthy evidence to make the paper more effective.