Case Study on PR Policies

PR Policies Case Study:

Public relations policies are the methods and techniques which are used for making the product, person or service popular to the target audience. Obviously, PR is applied in numerous spheres of public life with the aim of attracting attention of the masses towards the certain personality, product or event.

The attitude towards PR policies can not be the single and objective one, because there are always two sides of the coin. The first one is the advertisement of the positive events and activities which can be useful for the cultural or educational development of the society, for example, museums, universities, places of interest. The negative side of PR policies is the use of advertising among broad masses for the personal enrichment of the individual or groups of people who serve as the owners of the certain company which applies PR technologies to make the product popular and sell it to the great number of consumers.PR policies involve a great number of techniques which can attract attention of the general public. The first one is the use of the printed media for PR, for example, ads and articles in newspapers, magazines, fliers, etc. The flier should possess the name of the event or person, the type of service, email, telephone number and fax number.

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Then, PR can be seriously applied on TV and in the Internet as millions of people spend time in front of the screen ads and programs which advertise the personality or the organization form the best sides to attract the audience. Of course, there is also back PR policy which is aimed at the reduction of popularity of the rival organizations and individuals, for example, in show business.PR policies is the problem which observes the use of PR technologies in different spheres of the human life and the student will be quite interested to analyze the definite case suggested by the professor. One should research the case site and think about the peculiarities of application of PR policies there. After that it is important to investigate the problem of the case and focus on the detailed explanation of PR policies allied there.

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