School Systems Today

What if there was a way to get your work done with no effort or any work at all would you do it? School systems today are so lenient in their rules, causing cheating, copying to be frequently used. Many people would take advantage of copying someone else’s work whenever given the chance.

Not realizing the effects hits has on them. Other times, students will simply have someone else do their work and turn it in as their own not realizing the effects this behavior this makes create. This creates a lack of creativity, no sense of responsibility and the students will never acquire new knowledge. These practices of cheating, copying by students are unethical and should be brought to the surface whenever possible.Students that copy other student’s work are hurting themselves in the long run.

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Their creativity level drops every time they copy or have someone else do their work. After a while of copying the student’s ability to think creatively and successfully becomes next to nothing. “There is no success without hardship.” (Sophocles) That you will never make in life if you don’t do your own work and work hard. Students learn these tricks and proceed to carry them on into their jobs.

Corners are too easy to cut these days, and in order for students to keep their minds working, they need to do their own work.