Causes and Effects of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be defined as a model of obnoxious behaviors by partners involved in a close association such as friends, family or marriage. In connection to this, domestic violence appears in many forms which include threats, physical assault, and irritation (Davis 7). This is to say that domestic violence is not only physical as it is perceived but it can also be emotional. However, domestic violence also includes economic deficiency whereby an individual is deprived economic rights. Additionally, domestic violence may comprise a criminal act depending on the home status, duration and severity of particular actions.

Notably, domestic violence is not discriminative but instead it happens in all marriage set ups be it of same-sex or heterosexual. Along with this, all sexes are abused in domestic violence including men even though mostly women are victimized. The main reason as to why domestic violence is carried out is to make sure that one partner in an intimate relationship remains under the authority of the other. Nonetheless, the understanding of domestic violence differs from one state to another and from one generation to another. This paper will discuss the findings concerning the causes and effects of domestic violence. On the other hand, it will also provide the recommendations and conclusion on the whole matter concerning domestic violence.

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A lot has been found concerning the causes and effects of domestic violence. First, it has been pointed out that anger stirs up domestic violence. However, it has also been found out that drug abuse and consumption of alcohol in most cases also causes domestic violence (Lockton and Ward 28). Besides this, low self-esteem also contributes greatly to the issues concerning domestic violence. Apart from this, research has also shown that the environment in which an individual grows can also be a cause of domestic violence.

This is because in most cases children tend to manage their marriages in future just like their parents.In the same line of thought, domestic violence is also caused by hopelessness and inability to achieve ones goals as expected by those who are relating with him/her. Besides this, domestic violence in women has been pointed out to be attached to their dependency in men. Apart from this, some cultural practices have also facilitated domestic violence through their beliefs. In addition to this, it has also been found out that domestic violence is caused by stress whereby an individual quarrels with other people in order to release stress (Davis 81). However, it has also been critical out that the acceptance of conflict as the only way to solve differences has also fueled domestic violence.

Additionally, research asserts that domestic violence is caused by men quest for dominion in all dimensions of life. For this reason, men continue to oppress women through domestic violence in order to keep them under control. On the other hand, domestic violence has been associated with a lot of effects especially to the victim. Some of the effects have been attributed to psychological and social impact even though most are physical (McGee 69). Remarkably, continued domestic violence kills self worth. Nonetheless, researchers have also stated that domestic violence facilitates its continuity especially when children learn that problems can only be solved through violence.

Drug abuse and alcohol consumption has really contributed so much on the issues concerning domestic violence. The reason for this is that whenever an individual is under the influence of drugs his/her reasoning rate is low (Lockton and Ward 28). Moreover, some drugs make people so energetic and one has to look for a way of disposing that energy. Therefore, in case of a small misunderstanding the partner under the influence of drugs may start fighting. On the other hand, some partners in relationships abuse drugs in order to use their influence as a scapegoat of the day to day responsibilities. Consequently, a disagreement will definitely arise between the individuals concerned since the use of drugs deprives the other partner financial freedom.

Self- esteem is a very vital component of any individual and any time it is low one is exposed to many difficulties (Lockton and Ward 19). Following this, a child growing in an environment where domestic violence is the order of the day may grow up with hidden anger. This is because of how this child has been brought up whereby no one appreciates him/her at any time. These issues full of frustrations and isolation are responsible for the development of anger in this child as he grows and will therefore use it for defense. It therefore comes out clearly that the probability of such a child to be involved in cases of domestic violence in future is high.

Moreover, the environment in which one grows really determines a lot in relation to domestic violence. This is because if a man grows seeing his father everyday wailing at his mother and she does not resist he may also grow to do that in future. The reason for this is that the young man will get in to his mind that the only way he can gain respect from his wife is by beating and wailing at her. For this reason, domestic violence is increased due to the recklessness of the parents as they bring up their children. Failure to make ends meet especially in a family set up may cause domestic violence.

This is because when an individual especially in a family set fails to accomplish the family expectations he/she will have disappointed the rest of the members. Out of the many frustrations members tend to quarrel hence causing domestic violence. Some of these frustrations include inability of the parent to educate children to the highest levels of learning due to lack of finances. It therefore comes out clearly that poverty among members in a family can cause disagreements and hence lead to domestic violence (Jackson 38). Actually, poverty causes domestic violence because every member tends to shift blame to others hence initiating quarrels.

Even though domestic violence is not discriminative it is still rampant in women and it is mostly caused by their high dependency on men. In essence, most women are not financially independent and they are therefore forced to depend on their husbands for provision. In this case, men tend to intimidate women and even violate their rights knowing that they cannot fight back. Nonetheless, those women who are financially stable do not also evade domestic violence since their husbands may isolate them from associating with other people apart from their relatives. Notably, cultural practices have also contributed so much in domestic violence. Actually, in most cultures roles are defined and allocated according to genders.

In this case, men are often given the responsibility of heading and taking care of the family (McCue 88). Following this, they tend to dominate everything and even treat their wives and children as property. For this reason, women become victims of domestic violence since their freedom is limited since they can only operate under their husbands’ commands. In the same line of thought, women’s self esteem is lowered and they continue to degrade themselves. Apart from this, some cultures also allow women beating as a form of corrective measure. As a result, men insult, beat and batter their women in a very inhuman manner.

This is the reason as to why some young men grow up with a mentality of belittling women hence enhancing domestic violence.Needless to say, stress is also a cause of domestic violence though not common. So to speak, in stressful moments an individual may fire up a quarrel in order to share his/her disappointments with the rest of the people (Davis 81). Sometimes abusers use stress as an excuse of escaping responsibility and therefore tend to fight in order to protect themselves. Nonetheless, in most cases stress can make a person destructive due to the meaningless life holds at that moment.

In the same line of thought, domestic violence is also caused by the conflicts used by people to solve problems. In fact, some people believe that the only way a misunderstanding can be solved is through conflicts. In actual fact, domestic violence is also caused by men’s desire to dominate in all angles of life. This is because the female gender is oppressed in order to allow men to rule in all political, economical and social issues. What causes domestic violence here is the fact that women are not allowed to exercise their leadership skills.The victims of domestic violence are really affected by the consequences involved in this issue.

Physically, the victims experience painful headaches, bruises, broken bones, pelvic bone injuries as well as pain in the back (Lockton and Ward 19). Apart from this, a victim of domestic violence may experience complications during pregnancies and may also contact sexually transmitted diseases as well as heart failure. As a matter of fact, these effects causes a lot of financial problems among the partners concerned since the victims will need medication. On the other hand, domestic violence also causes psychological problems which include depression, anxiety disorder, low self-esteem, lack of concentration as well as suicidal cases. These psychological effects are very dangerous because they deprive the victim’s health and also make him/her to give up in life. Nonetheless, it can also cause death in case an individual is involved in a suicidal case.

Following this, a number of children are orphaned and left with no one to take care of them and may end up in the streets. It is this psychological effect that can make children to drop out of school due to inability to concentrate, low self-esteem as well as losing hope in the days ahead (Bornstein and Lamb 434). Apart from this, social effects of domestic violence are also so rampant. Actually, divorce cases, limited relationships as well as isolation from helpful individuals. These social effects of domestic violence are very traumatizing both to the parents and children respectively.

As for children they are forced to grow away from one parent hence missing the parental love from both parents. Besides this, domestic violence also has long term effects to the victim which may turn out to be permanent. Some of these long term effects include chronic pain, poverty, chronic depression, dependence on drugs, sexual dysfunction, lack of sleep as well as overwrought family relations (Jackson 248). Following this, it can therefore be seen clearly that domestic violence is of no importance at all and should actually be treated as a vice in society. This is because of its severe consequences which reduce an individual into almost nothing. For example, if a mother becomes a victim of domestic violence then the loss of self worth will even make her bring up children carelessly since the future hope is lost.

In order to address the causes and effects of domestic violence the following should be done. First, victims of domestic violence should learn to speak up in order to get assistance from counselors. On the other hand, if someone notices signs of domestic violence in another individual he/she should take the initiative and express concern to that person because he/she may be living in denial. However, in this case the victim must be assured confidentially and understanding in order to be in a position to pour out his/her heart. By doing this, those victims of domestic violence who have been isolated by the society can be helped to come out from an abusive environment and start recovering.

Apart from this, people should learn be in a position to understand that domestic violence just fuels other problems in a family and should therefore learn new ways of resolving their differences. In fact, dialogue would be the best way to solve issues and be able to understand each other. In addition to this, people should understand that domestic violence is a crime and should never hesitate to call for help when it occurs. In essence, domestic violence cases can be solved legally using the law whereby the victim presents his/her case for judgment. When this concept is understood then cases do with domestic violence will be reduced at a very high rate. Finally, victims of domestic violence can also obtain help from community programs dealing with such cases (Jackson 259).

Through these programs they can be helped to overcome the difficulties associated with domestic violence.From a broader perspective, domestic violence is caused by so many factors that have to do with misunderstanding between partners involved due to one partner’s desire to manipulate the other. In addition to this, domestic violence has a lot of effects on the victim ranging from social to psychological. As a matter of fact, domestic violence has really caused severe and chronic effects to the victims to an extent of others losing their lives. Nevertheless, if the laws are observed carefully and individuals learn to value each other then occurrences of domestic violence will be a forgone societal issue.