Answer to Having Cell Phones in School

Cell phones in school? Well yeah I think we should have cell phones in school. Do you think we should have phones in school for these reasons? One reason is because there could be a family issue.

Second is it keeps kids moms aware of things. Last, there could be an emergency.To start with, there could be a family issue. So you need some way to make sure everything is ok. Like what if someone in you family died or went to jail.

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So wouldn’t you want to find out when it happens? So what would you do? Text your mom to find out. Well, that’s something I would do.Second, it will keep your mom or dad aware of things going on in your school. Because high schools got a lot of gang violence going on. Even sometimes schools go on lock downs due to things that happened during school. Like there could have been a shooting in school or even near school.

So for kid’s safety just in case the school goes on lock down. Your mom would need to know. So the kids could just call or text their parents and tell them what’s going on.Last, there could be an emergency. You could get really sick and not be able to move or anything.

Some kids have seizers so how would the ambulance people going to know whom their mom or dad is. Also something could have happened during school. Like someone got in a fight and guns got fired or something like a stabbing. You never know what’s going to happen at a school. So that’s my main reason of why kids should have phones in school.

My opponent’s claim that having cell phones in school is bad because kids will text their friends. Even be disturbing to the class. Because of the loud ringing. But I on the other hand think kids should have phones just keep them on silent or vibrate. What would you choose? Hopefully you would choose yes as your answer to having cell phones in school.