Changing the World a Dollar at a Time

To live in a country that revolves around money is unfortunate, but bearable. But to live in a country where if you don’t have money than you’re completely disregarded…that’s something else entirely. These days, schools like West Point and Annapolis are fantastic representatives of how if you do the work and excel greatly than you don’t have to let money and financial aid hold you back from going to a great school.

Wonderful schools that offer fantastic educations like Harvard and Yale, are schools that great students dream of going to, but becouse of the 40,000 dollar tuitions, often students don’t even bother applying. Due to these price tags on a phenomenal education, we could possibly be holding back the next Albert Einstein by not letting him/her get the push that he/she needs from hard schools. A lot of people belive that you need a large ammount of money to excel at life and in some cases it’s like that, but it doesn’t have to be. If someone who has nothing and no one, has what it takes to get into a prestigious school why should they be denied the chance to succeed?

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