Chinese Communication

“The quality of your communication is the quality of your life.” This is a quote from Anthony Robbins, a motivational speaker and a self-help writer. The point that he meant to get across was that talking to people involves a certain skill, and if I have that skill, it will improve my mental health and ultimately, my life.

It can also be interpreted as different ways I can communicate. For example, if I learn another language besides English, then I will be able to communicate with more people and according to this quote, I will have a better life. That is one of my reasons why I want to become fluent in Chinese. The possibility of more options in the future, communication with others, and for a challenge are the three main reasons why I want to learn these two languages.. First, knowing Chinese will definitely help in the future.

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Markets that are dominated by Chinese speakers are like locked doors to many, but knowing it will open those doors. Also, many colleges require at least one year of foreign language study and even some high schools are adding that to their graduate requirements. Much like the first example, it will help me get a more desirable job. Business jobs aren’t the only ones that have Chinese speakers. When I visit China in the future, knowing the language will help me navigate the country and stay safe.

Communication with others is the only way to unlock these doors in the future. Communicating is a skill that involves face-to-face conversation. 16% of the world’s population speaks Chinese and being able to communicate with them would greatly expand your options. Also, I would get to listen todifferent cultural stories and learn from more people’s experiences. Now, these two reasons are both about how it could benefit my future, but the future isn’t the only reason I want to learn another language.

The last, and main, reason why I want to learn Chinese is because it’s a challenge. Chinese is a language that uses characters to write and this makes it hard to understand, but once I memorize the characters, it becomes fascinating. Speaking a language besides English feels unique and it amazes a lot of people. Lastly, I just enjoy learning languages among other things and couldn’t imagine my life without them. Although it might seems strange to continue learning out of school, it’s interesting to self-study.

Being a positive influence on my future by getting me into better jobs and colleges, communicating with more people and understand how people in other countries live, and just finding something hard, but entertaining to do are the three main reasons why I want to become fluent in Chinese. With the world divided into tongues, knowing a certain language would make the world seem larger, by communicating with so many people. But now, does knowing another language really change my life?