Classroom Disruptions

Every school has that one (or groups) kid(s) that gets away with everything in every class they have. It should be nipped in the bud. It distracts kids from the educational right and it’s very rude and immature.

I think it’s extremely annoying when that one person continues after the teacher has told the multiple times to stop. It also bugs me that the teachers make special exceptions for certain students but when someone else does it they get in trouble. I understand that they feel that it’s useless to even try but they should still do it. They should try to actually punish them instead of just threating them. Send them to detention like everybody else that is disobedient or maybe even to the office. I understand that it might be hard to sit still because some people might have ADHD or something like that but there needs to be a line drawn.

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I have ADHD and I used to be really loud and would get in trouble 24/7 but I changed a lot. I do better now and I believe anybody can make the change I did. They just need to be to be pushed on the right path and punished a little here and there. It would do more help than damage. Talking is perhaps one of the most common distractions in a classroom.

When a student talks to another during a lecture, he is distracting all the other students around him. When speaking out of turn, students can miss vital information, assignments, and instructions. It can be a distracting chain-reaction effect. Once a student misses information, he may ask his neighbor what he’s missed, which can cause more talking and confusion. This information is found at http://www. Talking can even be through texting. With the new technology of cell phones and laptops, students can miss whole lesson.

Texting is an activity loved by students and if they have their cell phones on them, they will try to text each other while in class. If your school has wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), students become distracted Web-surfing and using social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Teachers should make sure that all cell phones are turned off and discourage the use of laptops in the classroom.

When a student texts other students around them get distracted by it. It could be because they are curious or because it’s very noticeable for example when they get a text back and it rings or vibrates. This is very bad for students that can’t focus when they are in a noisy environment. It’s not fair to the people who really want to learn and miss the lesson they are trying to pay attention to. I understand that they have to go to school and they don’t enjoy that, but they could at least a little bit of respect for the kids that accept being there or actually enjoy it.

It causes test scores to be low which can also cause some parents to get very upset with them. This causes lots of conflict with family and friends. Talking is okay when you are asking questions to ask for help, even if you ask a fellow student, but it’s not okay when it exceeds the learning topic of that class and day. I think it’s perfectly okay to talk during lunch or in the hallways but inside the class room I truly believe that’s unacceptable. I understand that talking in the class room will never truly go away but it could get at least a little better.

I hope this helps put a better hold on the talking situation in classrooms.