Company Supply Chain Analysis Report for Nab

Company Supply Chain Analysis Report for NAB Executive Summary The intent of this report is to analyse the practice of supply chain management in National Australia Bank (NAB). The sources of information for this report are from academic readings, internet news and NAB websites. Logical thinking and supply chain process mapping are the tools used to analyse NAB supply chain management practices. The raw material and products chosen to analyse is money.

The analysis concluded NAB money product supply chain is a special one with both upstream and downstream considered ‘personal and business banking customers’, and therefore oth are treated as customers.

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NAB home loan product is chosen as an example to illustrate the importance of aligning customer needs and values with the core competencies NAB can offer. This report will then talk about NAB’s award winning Customer Relationship Management software and how CRM helps NAB to service its customers better by segmenting them into different groups as not all customers require same level of service.