Condoms At School

Debate has continued on whether there should be condoms distributed at schools. Teenagers might be receiving condoms at school.

Many adults find this inappropriate. Should schools be the ones to teach teens about this topic? Condoms should be available at school. It’s obvious that patents don’t want their sons and daughters to be sexually active before marriage. However, would you like to see them suffer with HIV/ AIDS or STDs because there wasn’t any protection available? Parents, you cannot keep an eye on your kids all the time. It is crucial for schools to provide condoms to keep your kids safe if they do have sex. Condoms not only help protect against STDs but also pregnancy.

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There is a lot of unwanted pregnancies currently, especially among high school students. Being a parent at a young age can be extremely problematical and overwhelming. Not only does the couple suffer, but the whole family and baby. If the condom is used correctly, teens won’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Therefore schools should have condoms available for teens.

Not only that but teens are too embarrassed or have no means to obtain condoms if they are not made available at school. There are many people who might disagree with having condoms available at school. Many people think that giving kids condoms will encourage them to have sexual activities. Others might say that kids in elementary school are going to receive condoms. I highly doubt that kids under 11 years old will get them since their reproductive system is not fully developed at that age and cannot reproduce.

The most likely thing to happen is that they’ll be taught sex education. Sex education will help them get prepared to make safe and wise decisions when it comes to sex. In conclusion, schools should provide condoms to teenagers who request them. Providing condoms could reduce unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STDs. Also, it encourages students to have “safe” decisions if they do have sex.

Overall, it is a wise investment by the government to help to supply condoms to schools since its cheaper than the consequences faced after not using a condom.