Creation Theories

Controversy over the creation theories, Intelligent Design, and Evolution has been around for years. There is reason to believe both theories, but no one can be sure which one is true. So how do we teach them in public schools? The teachers need to teach the facts, and the fact is there is no proof for either of the theories, only evidence. The Evolution theory, or the theory that humans evolved from less intelligent life forms, has been the main subject of creation in schools for decades. It has been stressed subtly, but clearly as the only theory to believe.

Many teachers cling to its ideas because of the scientific evidence available to support it. The Intelligent Design theory, or Creationist theory, is not normally taught in public schools. It is often taught only in Christian schools. The Intelligent Design theory is the view that the universe is so complex that a greater being must have hand designed it. Many students in the US have a firm agreement with this theory, and are upset that their beliefs are not upheld as equal to those of their fellow students.

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It is aggravating that schools don’t incorporate the Creationist theory into their studies. Students have their right to decide on which theory they believe, and it is important that public schools give them that choice. Teachers do not have the authority to discuss family ideas and values; that is the parents’ job. The creation theories fall under that category, and should be openly discussed in a classroom without the passion of the teacher. It is important that it is the students’ choice which theory is correct. No one can determine that for them, especially the schools.

There is much support throughout the country for the Creationist view. In a recent poll of random adults, 45% believed in the Creationist theory. 38% believed in Theistic Evolution, the theory that man evolved over millions of years from other forms of life, but God guided this process. Only 13% believed in Naturalistic Evolution, or that man developed over millions of years form less advanced forms of life without the help of God or another Idol.

Obviously, most people are larger supporters of the Creationist, or Intelligent Design view. Teachers in Ohio have said that they have felt pressure from parents and community members to incorporate a second theory into their curriculum. So why is the bird still in the nest? Why are some teachers opposed to the creationist view? When Gallup studied more closely the selected survey takers they found that the majority of people who believed the Evolution views had a higher education, or an income of over $50,000. The people who had not completed high school most of the time believed in the Intelligent Design view. It seems that all of our creation ideas have come back to elementary education, and therefore it needs to change.

This means that creation views are decided for a child at a young age, yet the child should do the thinking when they are old enough to understand. If we change the original education we will have a broader view in our society about the different creation theories. Evolution will no longer be the only existing theory taught in schools, and students will be able to make a more educated decision as to which ideas they believe in. The science curriculum will be more universal, and reach out to every type of student. No student will feel that they are being taught something that goes against their values.

No student will be left out. Some say that religious principles should be left out of schools. I agree that not all students have the same religion. It is their right to have their own belief system, and keep it during the school day. Atheism is sometimes considered a religion, but if it isn’t, Atheism is still a belief system. It has its own ideas about what will happen after death, and how life was created.

Evolution is an Atheist idea. It relies on the evidence that there is no divine power. Atheists believe that no God exists. What is being taught in schools everyday is Atheist. Technically what we teach in science classes is religion, but if teachers don’t state their opinions on the subjects than there is no harm done. A teacher will not be able to sway the opinions of students by teaching both theories, and teaching them as only theories.

Although there is uncertainty about adding the Intelligent Design theory into science classes, it is critical in the steps to improving schools. It is important to stick to the facts, and by adding the extra theory that is what we’ll do. All will benefit, not only the Christians.