Do You Think We Need History and Science STAAR Tests?

Do you think we need history and science staar texts?Some of the STAAR test are things we really don’t need to take like the history test or the science one.

The history and the science test is not a big deal to me because we really don’t use them in the future. We don’t need them for anything. We might need them if we become a teacher but I doubt anyone wants to. Most people have failed because of the history and science tests because that’s not what we really need to focus on. We need to be more worried about knowing how to read and know how to add, multiply, subtract,and divide. Most of our jobs have to do with money, math, or reading.

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The history and science is just a waste of time. Kids make really good grades in class but when they see tests or STAAR test it makes people freak. I freak when I see the word staar test or test or even quiz. Most children do really good in class and social with the teachers and when a teacher ask questions they usually get it correct if not the teacher says what it is and then they understands it a lot better, but when they see the staar test we freak and ourbrain goes blank. This will make me fail.

I don’t think we need history and science staar tests. History and science staar tests freak me out. I always forget what I have learned when I see the word test. History and science ruins lives.