Does America Value Education

American values understand that in order for learners to succeed in life, they must obtain and excel in quality education. However, the value of education in United States seems to be deteriorating with time. The power of parents to control their children’s education has been taken away entirely by the government. Government bureaucrats, as well as teaching unions, have dictated education policies for learners in the nation. Although the policies are provisioned to improve the value of education in the nation, America still ranks low in international education rankings. Today, United States Department of Education is a bureaucratic sector which spends millions of dollars annually but does remarkably little to improve the quality of education.

Since many parents in the society are enlightened about the value of education, they should be encouraged to motivate their children to perform. This way the net value of education in U.S. will go up. United States government view on the value of education falls below other key sectors in the economy. More value is placed on manufacturing, health care and other sectors of the economy which yield a high proportion of the nation’s annual gross domestic product (GDP).

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This is a contrast to valuation of education in other countries. Education is seen as a back bone to a robust economy in most countries, more so the developing nations. Unlike in U.S. sizeable percentage of national annual budgets are reserved for education provision in other countries. I believe the U.

S. citizens value the importance of education in their lives. However, the available education policies provisioned by the government, fails to meet their desired objectives which is to encourage valuation of education in the nation. Bureaucratic policies in the Education Department in the country should be eradicated to ease provision of quality education. On the other hand, parents should be empowered to encourage children and learners to obtain a quality education. Through quality education, they can obtain better paying jobs.

For example, Americans with quality college degree certificates earn almost as twice as those with high school diploma credentials (Value of Education).