Don't Rot Your Brain, Use It

Do you think books are better than movies? Well, I do. I appreciate that in books I use my brain, books can show different perspectives and views, and books have a more descriptive language than movies. These are just a couple of the reasons. One reason is that I use my brain when reading books.

The most obvious is the reading itself. I learn how to read better; in movies I don’t learn how to sit back and rot my brain better. Also, in books I can learn more words and I can create my own picture, whereas in movies it is put there for you. Secondly books can show different perspectives and views from characters. I can read their thoughts, and in movies I can’t tell what the actor or actress is thinking. In addition I can read different angles from more than one character.

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Some books have more descriptive language than movies. For example, The Lord of the Rings. The words themselves are amazing. In movies it’s hard to capture the essence of the description. I dislike most movies based off of books, mostly because they don’t follow the general storyline.

Movies can’t have to many details otherwise they would be twice as long- or longer- as a book. Books have helped me learn so many more things than movies have. Furthermore making a picture of my own, reading different opinions, and the literature itself are all reasons books are better than movie, in my opinion. Don’t watch movies all the time; READ books.